Wide Elastic Ear Band Mask Making Machine With Inkjet Printer

Fully automatic one-time forming high speed mask making machine

Product Details

Elastic ear band mask making machine with ink jet printer

1. Product features

This machine is designed as a high-speed machine, using 4 sets of tension adjustment mechanism and 4 sets of automatic deviation correction mechanism, the production is more stable. The operation is easier.


2. Equipment Overview

The high-speed plane mask machine is a high-efficiency and highly practical best-selling model developed by JIANGSU YZ MACHINERY Co., Ltd.

The high-speed plane mask machine is composed of 3 sets of coil feeding device, 1 set of plane mask punching device, 1 set of nose beam feeding and cutting device and 1 set of ear strap feeding and welding device, which can automatically complete the body forming of the mask , Automatically add nose bridge, automatic welding of ear straps and automatic counting.

Design concept of high-speed plane mask machine: simple and practical, stable and reliable, with wide versatility, compatibility and excellent cost performance.

The production process of the high-speed plane mask machine is suitable for 4 ears (without edge banding) outer ear band plane masks, mask size: 17cm*9.5cm (adult).

Note: Introduction to the plane mask

1: The plane mask is divided into 2 layers of non-woven masks, 3 layers of non-woven masks, and 4 layers of activated carbon masks.

2: 2-layer plane mask material; 2-layer non-woven fabric, bridge of nose, ear straps.

3: 3 layers of plane mask material; 2 layers of non-woven fabric, 1 layer of melt-blown fabric, nose bridge, ear straps.

4: 4-layer activated carbon mask material; non-woven fabric, nose bridge, ear straps, filter cotton (filter paper), activated carbon cloth.

3. Detailed parameters

Recommended fabric size, detailed parameters and technical specifications of the mask body:

PP Spinning PPSB-200mm*36g

PP Spinning PPSB-195mm*18g

Meltblown meIt-b195mm*25g

Elastic non-woven fabric PP spunbond PPSB195mm*100g

Nose Wire Suggested Nose Wire Specification

Model: XT-PM201

Machine size: 4150 (L) * 1000 (W) * 1950 (H) (unit: mm)

Packed wooden box size: 2500 (L) * 1460 (W) * 1960 (H) (unit: mm)

Machine weight: 750KG

Production mask size specification: 17cm*9.5cm

Voltage: 50/60Hz AC220V

Ultrasound: 15K.2600W (long wave)

Other power: 1.5KW single-phase asynchronous motor, 200W high-pressure fan

Power: 5.5KW

Line efficiency: 100~200pcs/min

Good production rate of equipment production: 98%

4、Structural analysis

Production process of mask forming:


5. Sample Display


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