N95 Mask Automatic Welding Machine

N95 Mask Automatic Welding Machine

This machine uses ultrasound to fuse the bandage on both sides of the mask body, so as to complete the bandage type mask. Only one operator needs to place the mask piece on the head of the ultrasonic generator, and then put the bandage on the mask piece. The foot pedal makes the air cylinder move downward to sew the bandage and the mask piece.

Product Details

Product Description
Fully Automatic welding Machine n95 Mask making Machine

This model machine can producen95/kn95 three-dimensional mask.
You can use this machine to do 5 plies mask, 6 plies mask as you need.
There is no relationship that whether the mask which is produced by this machine is medical or not. As long as the mask is sterilized, the mask produced by this machine can be used as surgical mask.
Capacity is 30-50pieces per minutes. For protecting machine and extend its usage life, we do not advise to adjust the speed too fast. So 30 to 50 pieces capacity is a best situation for the machine working.

  • Introduction to action process

1. Push the material onto the belt line of upper material level by manual trolley.
2. The belt line drives the lifting mechanism of the whole stack of material tray.
3. The gantry reclaimer grabs the product and places it on the fixture.
4. The platform drives the fixture to the detection position to start detection.
5. The judgment results start to be cut by product, the OK material is grabbed and placed on the packaging line to start packaging, and the NG material is placed on the NG flow channel to collect
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1.Automatic counting, which can effectively control production efficiency and production progress.
Variable frequency co

2.Variable frequency control can adjust the running speed of the equipment according to the actual needs.
3.The equipment is
highly automated, with low requirements for operating staff, it only needs to place and finish the finished products.

4.Modularization, humanized design and maintenance convenience.

Technical Parameters:
machine size
AC220V, 50HZ/60HZ
compressed air
After Sales Service
video after service

First, because of special situation, now we can not send technician to go to your country to offer tranining.

It is easy to operating. we offer videos and phone calling etc internet way to support you touse machine completely.

Our Services & Strength

Now for the mask machine production capacity is 100 sets for per month. the price is changable now, so plz contact me to make sure the latest price at any time.

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