Can meltblown cloth absorb oil? Why can you absorb oil?

- Aug 24, 2020-

1. What is meltblown cloth

Meltblown cloth, commonly known as the "heart" of the mask, is the filter layer in the middle of the mask, which can filter bacteria and prevent the spread of bacteria. Melt blown fabric is a kind of film made of polypropylene with high melt index. It is composed of many crisscross fibers in random direction. The diameter of the fiber ranges from 0.5 to 10 μ m, and the diameter of the fiber is about one thirtieth of that of the hair.


2. How to produce meltblown cloth

As the raw material of meltblown cloth is polypropylene, petrochemical enterprises have advantages in the production of meltblown cloth. In order to solve the problem of high melt index, Shanghai Petrochemical Company has set up a research and development team to carry out formula research, test analysis and scale-up test, and strive to overcome various difficulties in equipment and technology, and finally successfully overcome the problem of modified production of high melt index polypropylene.


3. Can meltblown cloth absorb oil? Why can you absorb oil?

Polypropylene melt blown non-woven fabric as the main material, it is a natural oil absorption material. Because PP is mainly used as raw material, PP is almost non absorbent but has good lipophilic property, and melt blown cloth has high porosity and large specific surface area, so it has good oil absorption performance.


Melt blown non-woven fabric after hydrophilic treatment becomes an oil absorbing wipe cloth.


The oil absorption capacity of melt blown fabric can reach 20 ~ 50 times of its own weight. It has high oil absorption speed, can float on the water surface for a long time without deformation after oil absorption, and has good water oil displacement performance. It can deal with oil spillage of factory equipment, marine environmental protection, sewage treatment and other oil spillage and oil pollution treatment. Oil absorption products of some hotels and even household use are gradually promoted.


Now sell more, this kind of household wipe cloth, shape with paper, used to wipe some oil, the effect is particularly good.


Therefore, the leakage of fuel in Mauritius is really the "pot" of the oil absorbing God's melt blown cloth. Due to the epidemic situation, the meltblown cloth has already burst into flames. However, many people do not know the application and wide range of meltblown cloth.


4. Meltblown cloth can also be used in these fields

(1) Melt blown filter material for blood filtration, used for polytrifluoroethylene, melt blown cloth Halar opened the field of high temperature filtration in December 2007, etc.


(2) Because the diameter of meltblown nonwovens is small, it is suitable for liquid-solid separation or gas-solid separation. It can be made into labor protection products, medical masks, gas masks, etc., and can filter dust, bacteria and harmful particles. It can also be used for air conditioning, automobile air filtration and engine air filtering materials.


(3) The basic composition of thermal insulation material is about 65% P melt blown fiber and 35% coarse denier three-dimensional crimp PE fiber. After adding coarse denier PE fiber, the thermal insulation effect is 1.5 times that of down, and the structure is also like down.