Film recycling production line

- Jan 15, 2019-

Fully automatic PP and LDPE crushing and cleaning equipment is mainly used for large quantities of recycled PP/PE film, agricultural film, plastic film, packaging film, as well as a large number of convenient bags, vest bags, handbags, shopping bags, as well as cement bags, woven bags, snakes. The design of leather bags, grain bags, fertilizer bags, tons of bags, and other soft plastic wastes. The production line is equipped with conveying feeder, fast crushing cleaning unit, series high-speed friction cleaning machine, U-shaped circulating cleaning tank, automatic feeding and draining machine, homogenizing conveyor, soft material forced dewatering machine, suction machine, synchronous circulation The dryer and the agitation conveying feeder have the outstanding advantages of large processing capacity, good cleaning quality, high degree of automation, wide application range, saving labor, safety, environmental protection and energy saving.

Because it is an open combination device, it can be flexibly set according to the actual situation of the user, and realizes multiple functions such as multiple friction cleaning, secondary pulverization cleaning, high temperature and low temperature composite cleaning, and automatic separation and rinsing of submerged material and floating material. It is an open semi-automatic cleaning device. In addition, the central control system can be designed according to different user requirements to achieve secondary control and program control. The equipment is widely used in recycling plastics processing enterprises with a certain scale and pursuing automation benefits, such as: large and medium-sized cement bag woven bag recycled granules; PP, PE film recycling granulation; large paper mill waste plastics, garbage yard plastic film material crushing cleaning . 

1. The entire production line is used for crushing, cleaning, dehydrating, drying PP / PE film, PP woven bags.

2, Has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, large capacity, low energy consumption, safety, reliability, etc.

3, The entire production line is fully automatic control, compact layout, high production efficiency, and beautiful cleaning

4, The production line is specifically for PE / PP film, PP woven bag crushing, cleaning, drying production line, it can easily clean waste plastic woven bags, dirty agricultural film, waste packaging materials and hard plastics.

5. The production line is used for cleaning and recycling PE / PP film and PP woven bags. Coordinate with the production line of subsequent work procedures (granulation systems), which will make junk film and dirty PE / PP film, PP woven bag is PE / PP film, PP woven bag of particulate matter, used to produce new PE, PP film, etc.