Plastic crushing and cleaning equipment

- Feb 28, 2019-


There are various types of crushers for plastic products. There are shear crushers suitable for crushing various types of plastic products, and impact and compression crushers suitable for crushing brittle plastic products. A widely used shear crusher consists of a base, a crushing chamber, a hopper, a sieve plate, a transmission mechanism, a rotating knife and a stationary knife.

The working mode of the shearing plastic crusher is very simple: the shearing tool is composed of a rotating blade and a fixed blade, and the rotating knife is driven by the motor; the waste plastic to be broken is sent to the crushing chamber by the feeding hopper, and the cutter is rotated by the high speed. It is chopped and then flows out of the machine through a porous sieve.

washing machine

The function of the washing machine is to remove the waste plastic in the sink by a pair of rotating stirring blades, stir and wash the water, remove the dirt and sand that has been dried on the plastic; then remove the plastic fragments from the water through the lifting device. Remove and transport to the dehydration process.


The structure of the dehydrator is simple, similar to the structure of the household dryer, and the working method is also close. It mainly uses the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation to remove the moisture on the broken plastic in the drum.


The broken, cleaned and dehydrated plastic also has a certain degree of humidity. The function of the dryer is to send it through the feeding port to the air cylinder with hot air circulation, so that the water in the material evaporates and the plastic is dried to meet the squeeze. The granulation process is required.


The extruder is a vented extruder, and the function is to re-knead the crushed plastic which is crushed, cleaned and dried, and then heated to a molten state, and then extruded into pellets.

Because the source of waste plastic products is more complicated, there are many types of mixed materials, and there are many volatiles, moisture and other components in the materials. Therefore, it is more suitable to use a vented extruder.

The venting extruder mixes and melts the waste plastic, and the shape of the material is relatively special. Therefore, it is necessary to use a spiral forced feeding device; a filter is added in front of the barrel, and the molten material is extruded through the perforated plate and then pelletized. The waste is recycled, and the strip is extruded and cooled by a water tank, and then pelletized.