Plastic granulator operating rules

- Feb 20, 2019-

First, the purpose

Standardized equipment operation and equipment maintenance, the purpose is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend the life, reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.

Second, the scope of application

Only the operation instructions of the production line equipment such as TPR∕EVA∕PVC/color masterbatch/non-cable cable material/rubber high-filling engineering material produced by the company are applicable.

Third, special duties

Equipment special operators and maintenance personnel designated by the user shall not operate in violation of regulations, and must operate the equipment proficiently, and supervise the duties of unrelated personnel not to approach and tamper with and damage the equipment.

Fourth, the operating rules

1. Turn on the power in turn, set the temperature and pay attention to whether the heating is normal.

2. Clean the hopper and other units, enter and exit the water pipe, check the oil level and lubrication status of each gear oil, engine oil, high temperature butter. The gear oil of the new machine will be replaced at least half a year, and the lubricating parts will be added at least once a week.

3. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, prepare the material and start the main motor in turn.

4. The temperature of the extruder must reach the set temperature. Turn on the feeding device to pour the residue in the cleaning material or raw material cleaning screw until the new material is extruded, then suspend the extrusion, and quickly install the filter plate and mold. head. The mold can be closed, the main screw motor of the granulator is turned on after the die is closed, and the operator is away from the die at this time, so as to prevent the die from clogging and damaging the wound, until the die extrudes the wire, and then closes The dicing cover is attached to the cutting tool holder and locked.

5. After the above operations are in place, turn on all fans > vibrating screen > granulator > in sequence.

6. Adjust the pelletizer during normal granulation and adjust the particle size by frequency conversion. The screw must be rotated continuously before the screw is discharged. If it is water-cooled spray-type pelletizing, the pelletizing cap should first pass through the water, and finally the main machine is turned on for official production.

7. Start the extrusion host and adjust the frequency control of the main machine and the pelletizer slowly and quickly according to the particle size requirement. Only when the two are coordinated, can the cut particles be more uniform and the particle output can be maximized.

8. Stop the operation sequence and reverse the order of the power-on production operation, first turn off the host drive, then turn off the auxiliary machine power supply in turn, and finally clean the die quickly to prevent the die from cooling and blocking (special attention: die discharge after each shift of operation The holes and filter plates must be completely cleaned before they can be installed again, otherwise the die will be exploding due to blockage).