The difference of melt blown cloth machine greatly affects the quality

- Jun 16, 2020-

Melt blown cloth is the core raw material for the production of medical masks. It was originally a very biased raw material, which is unknown to many people. At the beginning of 2020, a new epidemic situation made the price of melt blown cloth soar dozens of times in January, which attracted the attention of ordinary people. Under the urging of interests, a large number of small workshop factories swarmed in, the quality of products produced was uneven, which affected the market health.

The difference of melt blown cloth machine greatly affects the quality

When searching for the pictures of the melt blown cloth on the Internet, we can find that the width of a melt blown cloth varies greatly. The width of the melt blown cloth produced by the regular manufacturers is generally 1600 mm, 2400 mm and 3200 mm, while the width of the melt blown cloth produced by the family workshops is small, usually only tens of CM, which is directly related to the manufacturing machinery. At present, the mainstream width of the melt blown cloth market is 1600 mm. This kind of product is produced by a regular large factory. The price of a melt blown cloth machine is more than 56 million. The purchase of the machine needs to be reserved. Small machines used in family workshops have low output and low quality, but they are cheap in cost and fast in delivery. The price of a machine before the epidemic is 230000. Although the price of the machine has increased nearly ten times after the epidemic, compared with the machines used in regular factories, the price of a set of melt blown cloth mould of regular manufacturers is higher than that of a whole set of machines in small workshops.

The composition of the melt blown cloth equipment is very complex, which is mainly composed of melt blown cloth die head, automatic loading system equipment components, ultrasonic cleaning machine, air heater, centrifugal fan, screw extruder, melt blown mesh forming machine, melt blown off-line winding machine, melt blown off-line cutting machine and other key equipment.

In the melt blown equipment, the melt blown cloth die head is one of the core components to realize the drawing and forming of polymers. The die head includes the main body of the die head, the spinneret and the gas plate. Its design and precision directly affect the length, evenness, toughness, fineness and many other aspects of the drawing, thus having a decisive impact on the final coil quality. Large manufacturers like Tianyitang pay attention to the selection of melt blown cloth die head.

Identification of true and false of melt blown cloth

Melt blown fabric is a kind of film made of polypropylene with high melt index, which is composed of many crisscross fibers in random direction. It belongs to melt blown nonwovens. There are many fake melt blown fabrics on the market, which are made of non-woven fabric or composite melt blown fabric. Generally, they can be simply identified by three methods:

1. If the fire doesn't ignite, the melt cloth will melt faster in case of fire, rather than burn;

2. When the melt blown cloth is torn, it has static electricity that can be adsorbed on the 90 ° vertical glass or steel surface;

3. Look at the pattern. The fibers of the melt blown cloth are stacked in random direction. The pattern of the non-woven cloth is relatively directional, which is also one of the differences between the non-woven cloth and the melt blown cloth.

4. As for the filtering effect of the melt blown cloth, professional machine testing is required, and only the tensile toughness, light transmittance, and roll size of the melt blown cloth can be used to roughly judge the quality.