Types of PET bottle sheet hot washing equipment

- Feb 10, 2019-

PET bottle sheet hot washing equipment type and cleaning agent selection Every year, China has a large number of discarded various beverages, drinking water bottles, edible oil packaging drums, which are mainly made of PET (polyester) materials, which are used to produce beverage bottles PET. The material has high viscosity and no return, so it has high recycling value. 

At present, such waste materials are used for the production of polyester fiber and PET packaging tape after being cleaned. The market demand is large, and the cleaning manufacturers are all over the country. In the PET bottle cleaning process, the hot washing process is very important, and the quality of the hot washing determines the final quality of the product, and also relates to the selling price of the product. At present, the hot-washing equipment is mainly based on the vertical stirring method. The rotating shaft with the stirring paddle is installed in the vertical tank (kettle), and the stirring is driven by the speed reducer, and the friction between the materials is used to achieve the cleaning purpose. However, due to the limited number of mixing paddles and the high material density, the flipping effect is not ideal, generally relying on increasing the cleaning time; horizontal hot-washing equipment is horizontally installed in the horizontal tank (kettle), relying on the stirring shaft Weld the paddle to turn the animal material. This method is better because the material is horizontally distributed, so the cleaning time can be shortened. However, because the material needs to be pushed to the fixed direction by the paddle, the rotation direction of the rotating shaft must be changed to prevent material accumulation. 

The double-tube circulating hot-washing equipment integrates the advantages of the above two kinds of equipments, so that the materials are cyclically stirred and cleaned inside the equipment to avoid material accumulation and dead angles, so the cleaning time can be shortened, and the equipment is equipped with impurity sedimentation. The box can separate impurities such as sand and stone, and belongs to the advanced PET bottle sheet hot washing equipment-PET cleaning equipment.