Waste plastic cleaning equipment

- Feb 20, 2019-

Waste plastic cleaning equipment mainly consists of: conveyor belt, crusher, friction cleaning machine, precipitation rinsing and rinsing tank, screw hoist, dewatering machine, air duct drying system, silo, control panel and so on.

Waste plastic cleaning equipment is developed through the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced concepts and technologies of the same industry in the world, combined with the needs of today's development and the secondary application of waste plastics. It can meet the environmental protection requirements for recycling of waste plastics at home and abroad. The main treatment materials are PE/PP plastic or PE/PP plastic garbage mixture, waste PP woven bag, plastic bag, household garbage plastic, waste agricultural film mulch. The entire production line can be easily cleaned of waste plastic products from the start of the operation to the finished product. Waste agricultural film, waste packaging materials or hard plastics are processed step by step here. The simple and effective design of the entire production line makes the assembly line popular at home and abroad. Related products film cleaning equipment.

The production process in strict accordance with CE certification makes the quality and safety of the machine more reliable.

Waste plastic cleaning equipment output: 100-1000kg / h