What is melt blown?

- Apr 23, 2020-

Melt blown method is one of the direct polymer mesh forming methods. It is to make the polymer melt extruded by the screw extruder form the very fine fiber through the high-speed high-temperature air jet or other means to make the melt flow be extremely stretched, and then gather to the mesh forming roller or the mesh forming curtain to form the fiber mesh. Finally, the melt blown fiber non-woven fabric is made by the reinforcement of the self-adhesive function.

Process flow: used in medical materials, filter materials, clothing accessories, battery diaphragm materials, etc.

2、 Melt blown cloth production equipment

1. Screw extruder: melt the slice.

2. Metering pump: control the output and fineness of the fiber to continuously deliver the melt to the fuse head.

3. Melt filter: filter impurities in the melt.

4. Conveying net curtain: make the melt blown fiber evenly receive and spread on the net.

5. Spinning box: after the fiber is ejected, the high-speed hot air is immediately used for air flow stretching, and the fiber is blown off to become superfine fiber.

6. Feeding system: it is composed of three metering buckets, which are respectively used to measure white chips, masterbatch and additives.

7. Hot air blower and heater: provide the temperature and pressure of hot air used in spinning air stretching, and use electricity to heat, with large power consumption.

Coiler: it adopts full-automatic coiling to pack the melt blown cloth into rolls.