1600mm Automatic Non-Woven Melt-Blown Fabric Machine N95 Grade

This equipment is used for the production of melt blown nonwoven fabric.Different colors and functions of melt blown nonwovens are produced with polypropylene fiber as the main raw material, supplemented by Color Masterbatch, antioxidant, electrostatic electret, flame retardant and other additives. The products are widely used in industrial felt, industrial oil absorbent cloth, industrial sound insulation cotton, industrial high efficiency filter material, etc. at the same time, the production line can also produce disposable ordinary melt blown cloth for mask and melt blown cloth for mask which can achieve N90 or above high efficiency by adding electret masterbatch and electrostatic electret treatment.

Product Details

PP spunbond nonwoven fabric and PP meltblown nonwoven fabric are well-known nonwoven fabric in the world.Both of nonwoven fabric are made by PP(Polypropylene)
PP spunbond or meltblown nownoven fabric use different manufacturing process when the production line works.
PP spunbond combines fiber spinning with web formation by placing the bonding device in line with spinning.Fibers are former as the molten polymer exits the spinnerets and is quenched by cooling air and deposition on a moving conveyor belt.It is possible to single layer to multi layers nonwove fabric such as S/SS/SSS/SMS/SSMS/SMMS/SSMMS etc...It means one layer fiber splay on another layer again and then thermal bond together.
Most of nonwoven fabrics are layered or shingled structure,the number of layers increased with increasing basis weight;High strength-to-weight ratios compared with other woven,and knitted structures.PP Spunbond nonwoven fabric are characterized by tensile,tear,and burst strengths,elongation-to-break,weight,thickness,porosity and stability to heat and chemicals.These properties reflect fabric composition and structure.

2.Process flow
PP Raw Material→melting and extruding→filtering→metering→spinning→quenching→air-suction→ filament web forming→calendering→winding and slitting→packing→end product.

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