600mm Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine Melt Blown Filter Fabric Machine For Face Mask

600mm Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine Melt Blown Filter Fabric Machine For Face Mask

This equipment is used for the production of melt-blown non-woven fabrics. Using polypropylene as the main raw material, supplemented with master batch and additives such as anti-oxidation, static electret, flame retardant, etc., it produces melt-blown nonwoven fabrics with different colors and different functions. The products are widely used in industrial felt, industrial oil-absorbing cloth, industrial sound insulation cotton, industrial high-efficiency filter materials, etc. At the same time, this production line can also produce melt-blown fabric for masks.

Product Details

Product characteristics, application and production capacity of nonwoven machinery PP Melt-blown production line for mask
1. Characteristics and application
Melt-blown nonwoven is a kind of white,soft non-paper non-woven fabric.With PP polypropylene as the main raw material, the fiber diameter is made between a few microns and a dozen microns by Melt-blown technology. Because the fibers are so thin and disordered, it has the characteristic of three-dimensional porosity, large surface area, small aperture, high porosity,flexible structure,efficient modeling and low resistance.
Melt-blown nonwoven has a good ability to capture fine particles in the air such as fine dust and bacteria. Melt blown nonwoven is an excellent fiber filter material and is commonly used as a filter component in a varity of medium to high efficiency filters, such as maskes, air filters, oil-absorbent cotton and wipes.
Melt blown nonwoven plays the role of isolationand filtration in the mask, protecting the human body from the invasion of dust, bacteria and viruses,reduing a variety of infections, effective protection and human health.
Melt blown nonwoven fabric is mainly used for medical and health materials, filtration materials, heat preservation materials, oil absorption materialsm battery diaphragm materials, environmental protection materials, clothing meterials,wiping materials,etc. 

2. Production line characteristics

product width 600mm
main raw material PP chips/ granules
fiber finenessaverage 2-5um
product basis weight 18~80gsm
production speed ≤30m/min 
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