Automatic Production Line Non Woven Cloth 95 Outer Melt Blown Fabric Production Machine

The PP meltblown nonwoven production line is a polymer melt extruded from a screw extruder. The polymer is extremely stretched by high-speed hot air or other means to form very fine short fibers, which are aggregated to A web is formed on a roller or a screen curtain, and is finally reinforced by self-adhesion or thermal bonding. Its unique properties are widely used in mask filter materials, thermal insulation filling materials, medical health materials, wiping materials, etc. The finished product can pass the N95 standard as the core material.

Product Details

 PP melt blown non woven fabric extruder / Filter PP melt blown fabric machine / Filter of PP melt blown fabric making machine

Meltblown technology is one of the most effective ways to make very fine, highly efficient filter media. A melt-blown fiber has a diameter of less than 10µm, many times finer than a human hair, which has a diameter of 120µm, or a cellulose fiber of about 50µm.
The raw material is a thermoplastic synthetic material that is melted and forced through an extruder consisting of a very large number of tiny nozzles. Immediately after exiting the nozzles, the individual filaments are blown by hot air in the same direction while still in their semi-melted state, extending them and creating very fine, endless fibers, within a few milliseconds.
Using this dry-laid process, the machine can produce media with weights from 25 – 75g/m².
Alternatively, the melt-blown can be directly applied to a carrier media cellulose or spun-bond, producing combination media in one step.
Additional there are many options to choose: fiber diameter, thickness, grammage, haptic surface design, resistance to chemicals, heat resistance, compostability, dust loading, low shedding surface polarity, UV-Protection, antibacterial, colors, electric charging and antistatics.


1,Product size: PP melt blown fabric with width at 600mm(after trimming 175mm*3)

2,Main Material: PP compounding material(we will supply formula and operation video after order)

3,Extruder type: SJ65/30 single screw extruder

4,Output capacity: 300-400kg/24hour(24hours)

5,Electric power supply: 3phase, 380V;50Hz(customized)

6,Production flow: Vacuum feeder→hopper dryer →SJ65/30 Extruding & extrusion heads →belt type forming &collecting device→ winder&slitting

Technical Parameters: 





SJ65/30 Single screw extruder



Melt-blown die

1 set


Stainless steel air heating tank

1 set


Air cooling and suction system

1 set


Belt delivering device

1 set


Slitting device and Winder

1 set


Melt metering pump

1 set


2 Station Hydraulic pressure screen changer

1 set


Static Electric Device

1 set


Vacuum feeder

1 set


Drying hopper

1 set

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