Melt Blown Non-woven Cloth Fabric Making Line

Melt Blown Non-woven Cloth Fabric Making Line

1.Designed with multiple functions,only one worker can easily operate several of these production lines, so it’s very labor-saving. 2.Using PLC and touch screen control system makes it very easy to operate. 3.Its finished products are neat and beautiful. 4.The machine body and structure is made of aluminium alloy materials make it firm and never rust. 5.Features stable and continuous operation. 6.By changing the mold,it can be used for different types of medical mask manufacturing.

Product Details

Product Description:


YZHB2020 is a small-scale PP melt blown cloth production line. The melt blown method production line is based on synthetic polymer as raw material, which is directly meshed after melt spinning to form a melt blown non-woven cloth with unique performance. It is widely used in mask filter material, heat preservation filling material, medical sanitary material, wiping material, etc.

Suitable raw material: PP polypropylene

Products are divided into two types: Civil and medical. The roller forms are different. Please explain when purchasing to avoid unnecessary trouble,

Medical needs electret device, not for civil use.

Width of spinneret and technical parameters of equipment:

1. Single line 400mm spray wire width 175mm * 2 rolls (plane mask size). Daily output: 150-200kg, total installed power 47.5kw

2. The width of 600mm single line spinneret is 175mm * 3 rolls and 250mm * 2 rolls (plane mask and N95). Daily output: 200-300kg, total installed power: 60kW

3. Double line 400mm * 2 spray wire width 175mm * 4 (175mm is the mask production width) daily output: 300-400kg, total installed power 85KW.

Weight of producible products: 10-150g /

Production line volume: single line production line 4m * 3M * 2.3m, double line 6m * 4m * 2.3m.

Weight: single line weight 2.2t, double line weight 2.8T.

Delivery time: 15-20 days, our company can process and produce the spinneret by ourselves, the aperture is generally 0.25 mm, which meets the medical standard, and the spinneret can be delivered in advance if there is spot.

Material grade: medical, civil bfe95.


Machine Configuration

1. One PP extruder, different single line and double line models

2. Two sets of single line 400mm mould, two sets of single line 600mm mould and three sets of double line 400mm mould

3. 1 automatic feeding machine

4. 1 air heating oven

5. Reeling equipment: one set of single line, two sets of double line, reeling equipment: automatic with slitting function (using air expansion shaft and Mitsubishi tension controller)

6. Distribution cabinet (1-2 according to product configuration)

7. 1 vacuum calciner

8. 1 roots blower

9. Electrostatic electret 2 sets

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