Pfe95 Melt Blown Fabric/Cloth Making Production Extrusion Machine

This equipment is used for the production of melt-blown non-woven fabrics. Using polypropylene as the main raw material, supplemented with master batch and additives such as anti-oxidation, static electret, flame retardant, etc., it produces melt-blown nonwoven fabrics with different colors and different functions. The products are widely used in industrial felt, industrial oil-absorbing cloth, industrial sound insulation cotton, industrial high-efficiency filter materials, etc. At the same time, this production line can also produce melt-blown fabric for masks.

Product Details

Pfe95 Melt Blown Fabric/Cloth Making Production Extrusion Machine
Non-woven fabrics are sheet-like or mesh-like fabrics formed by bonding textile fibers with orientation or random orientation. The fibers used may be natural fibers or chemical fibers, or may be staple fibers (natural fibers or chemical fibers) or chemical filaments, or they may be laid in place.
There are various production methods for non-woven fabrics, and the production process is usually divided into three stages: the netting stage, the bonding stage, and the finishing stage.
1. Networking stage
There are four basic methods:
1. Use a carding or air-laid method to form fibers into thin sheets. These fibers can be arranged in parallel, crossed or randomly oriented (dry web forming process);
2. Orient, cool and directly spray the spun filaments, or solidify and wash the spouted filaments and directly support the wet net (jet spunlace process);
3. Suspend or disperse the fibers in water, the capped water is poured on the screen, and the fibers form a network after the water is leaked (wet web forming process);
4. Use various special processes to make fiber production and web formation, usually including bonding at the same time (in-situ web formation method);
Second, the bonding stage
After the web is formed, the fibers can be bonded according to the thickness and width of the entire web (continuous method) or the fibers can be bonded in dots or patches (intermittent method)

Product Description:

ProductsMelt-blown non-woven fabric, Mask filtration material
MaterialPP chips
Weight range20-45g/m2
Maximum mechanical speed6-70m/min
Fibre fineness2-5μm
25g/m2 Output1 ton

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