PP Mask Meltblown Fabric Making Extrusion Production Line

This equipment is used for the production of melt blown nonwoven fabric.Different colors and functions of melt blown nonwovens are produced with polypropylene fiber as the main raw material, supplemented by Color Masterbatch, antioxidant, electrostatic electret, flame retardant and other additives. The products are widely used in industrial felt, industrial oil absorbent cloth, industrial sound insulation cotton, industrial high efficiency filter material, etc. at the same time, the production line can also produce disposable ordinary melt blown cloth for mask and melt blown cloth for mask which can achieve N90 or above high efficiency by adding electret masterbatch and electrostatic electret treatment.

Product Details

Machine Description
PP Melt-blown non woven Fabric making machine is an equipment that uses high speed hot air flow to draw out the polymer melt trickle which be squeezed out from spinneret orifice, thus forming microfiber and collecting on the roller, at the same time, self-adhesive to become a melt blown cloth which is used to produce the face mask. 

Production Process
Automatic feeding---- Extrusion----Filtration---Quantitative feeding----Melt blown---Positive and negative pressure adsorption----Meltblown receiving-Electrostatic electrets----Slitting and winding

Products Description
Melt blown non-woven fabric is called the "heart" of medical surgical mask and N95 mask in the industry. It is the filter layer in the middle of mask, with good filtration, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption, and is an important raw material for mask production.

Product application
Medical mask, garment warm-keeping material, car cover, oil absorbent felt, baby diaper, gas filter, disposable products, etc. 


Machine Details
Machine introduction
Melt-blown non-woven fabric Equipment technical data
The following data are for parameter only

ExtruderSJ65SJ75 or 90SJ105
Product width600mm1200mm1600mm
Max capacity200-350kg/day800-1000 kg/day1500-2000 kg/day
Fibre fineness2-8μm2-5μm2-5μm
Gram weight20-100 g/m220-100 g/m220-100 g/m2

Machine features:
1. High capacity ,stable
2. Solution metering pump technology: a specially designed solution metering pump, through accurate pressure measurement in front of the pump, the use of microcomputer processing to adjust the speed of the extruder, maintain pressure stability, orderly supply logistics to optimize the feeding process, to ensure the stability of the head mold extrusion;
3. Extrusion mold and spinneret parts; Divided into vertical and horizontal structure, so that the production of spun bonded non-woven cloth net evenly spread, strong, good permeability;

Equipment List

1Material feeder1 set
2Single screw extruder1 set
3Screen changer1 set
4Melt pump1 set
5Spinneret mold1 set
6Air heater1 set
7Hot air blower1 set
8Collection conveyor belt1 set
9Electrostatic electret generator1 set
10Slitting device1 set
11Rewinding device1 set
12Furnace1 set
13Vacuum cleaner1 set

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