PP Melt Blown Cloth Extruder Production Line

The PP meltblown nonwoven production line is a polymer melt extruded from a screw extruder. The polymer is extremely stretched by high-speed hot air or other means to form very fine short fibers, which are aggregated to A web is formed on a roller or a screen curtain, and is finally reinforced by self-adhesion or thermal bonding. Its unique properties are widely used in mask filter materials, thermal insulation filling materials, medical health materials, wiping materials, etc. The finished product can pass the N95 standard as the core material.

Product Details

PP melt blown non woven fabric extruder / Filter PP melt blown fabric machine / Filter of PP melt blown fabric making machine

1: polymer feed

This equipment is equipped with automatic vacuum suction feeding device. Generally, the polymer is made into small spherical and granular slices. When the vacuum device is opened, the raw materials can be fed into the hopper equipped with the extruder.in

If the material in the hopper is low, please fill it up immediately. Otherwise, the material will be broken and the melt spray cloth will become thin or not mesh. 

2: melt extrusion

At the feeding end of the screw extruder, the polymer slice shall be mixed with the necessary raw materials such as additives. After mixing, the polymer slice shall enter the screw extruder and be heated to melt. Pay attention to the heating temperature

According to the characteristics of the raw material to be adjusted, can be in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended parameter Settings, can also be adjusted in accordance with the actual production requirements, so that the finished products to meet the use requirements. 

3: fiber formation

The filtered clean melt should pass through the filter screen and then be evenly fed into the spinneret to make the extrusion amount of each spinneret consistent

When the volume, need to stop the machine to check whether there is a fault, check whether the filter screen is blocked, timely troubleshooting problems, so as not to damage the extrusion equipment.When eliminating extruder problems, check

The filter plate of the spinneret can observe whether the holes in the filter plate have impurities that cannot flow normally.The fibers are pulled out of the melt by the crosswind, the spinnerets are squeezed out of the glue, and then cooled.

4: electrostatic electret

After the net through the electrostatic device, so that the melt - spraying non - woven fabric with static electricity. PM2.5 particles and other isolation mainly through two ways: mechanical blocking and electrostatic adsorption. Among them, mechanical block main

It is to use the small pores of the filter material of mask fiber to block the invasion of bacteria and viruses, but this mechanical blocking effect is very bad for the filtration effect of particles with particle size less than 1 m, so it cannot work

To urification. Therefore, in order to improve the filtration efficiency of the mask, the electrostatic adsorption capacity of the mask can be increased. And increase the capacity of mask electrostatic adsorption, it needs to melt spray non - spinning

Cloth filter material for electret treatment. After electret treatment, the surface of the fiber will be charged with a large amount of static electricity 

Add breathing resistance.

5: slitting and winding

There is rewinding equipment at the end of the production line. The fusion-sprayed non-woven fabric is cut and rolled up to the size required for packaging. Winding has tension control device, so that the winding material is always stable

Volume status. Before the rewinding is equipped with a cutting knife, which can remove the edge material, so that the packaging specifications for packaging, of course, can also be cut into the size of the product production, the distance between the cutting knife is non-woven

The width of the finished product, this distance can be adjusted, according to the production needs to adjust and arrange the number of cutting knives.

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