Water Electret Melt-blown Fabrics Production Line

Water Electret Melt-blown Fabrics Production Line

This equipment is used for the production of melt blown nonwoven fabric.Different colors and functions of melt blown nonwovens are produced with polypropylene fiber as the main raw material, supplemented by Color Masterbatch, antioxidant, electrostatic electret, flame retardant and other additives. The products are widely used in industrial felt, industrial oil absorbent cloth, industrial sound insulation cotton, industrial high efficiency filter material, etc. at the same time, the production line can also produce disposable ordinary melt blown cloth for mask and melt blown cloth for mask which can achieve N95 or above high efficiency by adding water electret treatment.

Product Details

Advantages of water electret meltblown fabrics

The technology of water electret melt blown fabrics originated from the United States, which is different from the traditional process in that the traditional melt blown fabrics uses corona electret, which shows obvious stability and comprehensive benefits, but the filtration efficiency storage will be reduced with time, and the static potential of material surface will be attenuated; and the water electret melt blown fabrics is to transport the prepared pure water through high-pressure water pump To the nozzle, the fan-shaped nozzle is used to spray the melt blown cloth, which makes the water molecules and cloth produce friction and generate static electricity; the advantages of this process are high filtration efficiency, strong static persistence and low ventilation resistance.

High filtration efficiency

The performance of water electret melt blown fabrics is saturated with static electricity. The charging method of water electrostatic electret can pass the oil and salt test of 8130 model. According to the quality of grey cloth, it can easily reach P2 (filtration efficiency 95% +) or P3 (filtration efficiency 99% +);

Electrostatic persistence

After aging resistance and loading test, the water electret melt blown fabrics can still achieve high filtration efficiency, which can be maintained for more than 2 years. Therefore, the water standing technology effectively solves the problem that the electric electret of the mask melt blown cloth is not durable.

Ventilation resistance is small

When the high pressure water molecules penetrate the meltblown cloth, the internal texture of the cloth is combed again, which reduces the ventilation resistance of the cloth by 5% - 30%. That is to say, while reducing the resistance, the filtration efficiency is improved.


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