Analysis Of Current Situation Of PET Plastic Bottles In China.

- Jun 21, 2019-

For small and medium-sized enterprises with limited manpower and material resources, instead of using a large amount of manpower and material resources for the development of PET beer bottles, it is better to invest limited manpower and material resources in the development of packaging containers of PET bottles in the fields of daily chemistry, medicine, food and condiments, etc. In order to obtain better practical benefits. In the polyester packaging container, another variety worthy of the attention of the industry is the APET sheet hot forming vessel mentioned earlier. It has the advantages of less one-time investment, less technical difficulty, excellent product performance, low price and wide application. It has huge development space. We should strengthen the development of APET thermoforming container.

  At present, the PET bottle manufacturing enterprises in our country have the most advanced PET bottle automatic production line (for example, ASB Company of Japan), which have the most advanced PET bottle automatic production line made by famous enterprises in the world. Large backbone enterprise of automatic PET bottle production line of SEDEL Company of France and automatic PET bottle production line of SIPA Company of Italy. At the same time, there are a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises which adopt various kinds of automation degree of our own design and manufacture, practical two-way PET blowing machine, showing an unprecedented situation of flowers, prosperity.
  The main products of domestic PET bottles are limited to the packaging containers used for drinks such as Coke, mineral water and distilled water at the initial stage. They are generally welcomed by users with their excellent performance and reasonable price in application,In the beverage packaging, on the basis of successful application of PET bottle has in recent years in heat-resistant bottled drink black tea, green tea, fruit juice and edible oil, cosmetics, medicine, pesticide and other industries the application of extension. It is reported that in 1996 China's production of PET bottles for 3 billion, 1998 years up to 5 billion, 2000year to 8 billion, 2001year to 9 billion, 2002year to 10 billion, 2004year to 13 billion, become one of the biggest variety of plastic packaging materials on increase.