Brief Introduction To Principle Of Foam Plastic Cold Pressing Machine

- Dec 02, 2019-

The foam cold press is a mechanical and environmental protection equipment that compresses foam plastics according to the principle of pressure generated by screw rotation, which is used for cold pressing compression of large volume and light weight foam plastic garbage. It can reduce foam volume and increase density, and is conducive to foam recycling and polyurethane foam landfill treatment.


The amount of water vapor in compressed air is determined by the temperature of compressed air. Under the condition of keeping the pressure of compressed air basically unchanged, the volume reduction ratio of front and rear foam is as high as 50:1, which solves the problem of storage and transportation cost well.


Lian Guan foam garbage recycling equipment is the world's top 500 spare parts, and the core technology from the German brand, which can greatly guarantee the life and maintenance costs of machinery and equipment. The foam cold press produced by us is a machine integrating crushing and compressing and melting. It saves energy and greatly realizes the efficiency of machine operation. It avoids the burning of plastic foam and the fate of landfill, which greatly reduces environmental pollution.