Buy Foam Plastic Processing Equipment, Feel Free To Choose Lian Guan Recycling Machines

- Dec 02, 2019-

Zhangjiagang Lianguan recycling company is not only deals with the problem of waste pollution, but also enables China's plastic industry to come out of the dilemma and find a new direction, which can be said to be of many benefits. Foam cold press, and has a higher profit and excellent prospects, is conducive to difficulties in operation and farmers' friends to invest in entrepreneurship. The EPS polystyrene foam cooler has been widely sold at home and abroad for more than 10 years, especially packaging, business super, fish market, restaurants and other places.

It has created conditions for recycling two recycling of foam plastics resources department, and recycling of waste plastics can produce economic and social benefits. According to the national medium and long-term development program of science and technology, the strategic goal of the planning of waste plastics in the field of renewable resources is: by 2020, 2.93 million tons of waste plastics will be recycled, and the recycling rate will reach 50%. This is not a small gap from the recovery rate of 80% in Europe and the United States, which shows that the market potential is great.

The emergence of waste foam recycling equipment has responded to the national environmental protection policy, and has also contributed to saving resources and protecting the environment. Lian Guan as a core enterprise in the field of foam plastics recycling in China, has been committed to the development of new technology of foam compression cold press for many years. It also grasped the key technology in production practice and grasped many information of EPS particle suppliers at home and abroad.