Crusher Working Principle

- Jan 05, 2019-

Although there are many types of crushing machines, according to the different methods of applying force, there are methods such as extrusion, bending, impact, shearing and grinding on the material crushing. In the crushing machine, the force application is very complicated, and sometimes several kinds of force are present at the same time. Of course, there is only one or two main forces in a certain crushing machine.

Since the shape of the material particles is irregular and the physical properties of the materials are different, the pulverization method used is also different. The mechanical force is used to pulverize the materials according to different application forces:

1. Crushing puts the material between two working faces. After applying pressure, the material is broken due to the compressive stress reaching its compressive strength. This method is generally used to crush large pieces of material.

2. Crushing the material between a flat surface and a sharp working plane. When the sharp working plane presses the material, the material will be crushed in the direction of the pressure line of action. The reason for the splitting is that the tensile stress on the split plane meets or exceeds the tensile strength limit of the material. The tensile strength limit of the material is much smaller than the compressive strength limit.

3. The broken material is broken by the bending stress. A two-point simply supported beam or a multi-supported beam that is subjected to concentrated load by the crushed material. When the bending stress of the material reaches the bending strength of the material, it is broken and broken.

4. The impact crushing material is broken by the impact force. Because its crushing force is instantaneous, its crushing efficiency is high, the crushing ratio is large, and the energy consumption is small. The impact crushing has the following conditions: (1) Moving objects to materials Impact (2) High-speed moving materials impact on fixed working surface (3) High-speed moving materials impact each other (4) High-speed moving working body impacts on suspended materials

5. Grinding (grinding)

After a certain pressure and shear force are applied between the material and the moving working surface, when the shear stress reaches the shear strength limit of the material, the material is pulverized, or the shearing and grinding action when the materials are rubbed against each other And the material is broken.