Daily Maintenance Of Plastic Mixer

- Feb 28, 2019-

One. Maintenance and operation instructions of plastic mixer:

1. Please press the power cord according to the parameter voltage on the famous brand on the machine.

2. The machine is installed independently. If there is uneven shaking, the ground bolt shall be installed.

3. Check whether the rotating parts are flexible, whether there are foreign objects in the barrel to block the rotation of the spindle, and if so, clean up.

4. When switching on three-phase power supply, special attention should be paid to the direction of motor operation.

5. Turn on idle for 2-5 minutes after startup. Feed can be delivered after confirmation of normal operation.


Two. Maintenance and maintenance instructions for plastic mixers.

1. When maintaining or repairing, please cut off the total power supply of the machine completely.

2. Add ZL-2 lithium base grease to the bearing once a week.

3. Check regularly whether the V-belt is relaxed. If the V-belt is relaxed, the adjusting bolt of the motor should be loosened, and the motor should be moved outward with special tools until the V-belt is tightened. When the wear is serious, the V-belt at the joint should be changed.

4. Apply white mineral oil or diesel oil dipping cloth to wipe off the part contacted with the raw material before changing the mixed color.

5. If the electrical protection fails, professional and technical personnel should be invited to inspect, repair and troubleshoot before starting up!