EPS Foam Compressor Recycling Granulator---foam Garbage Helper

- Dec 02, 2019-

The waste foam recycling has attracted more and more attention in recent years. Not only because the country has vigorously advocated environmental protection and energy conservation in recent years, but more and more people have seen business opportunities, and have invested in the EPS waste recycling and recycling industry. How much profit is there? Is there any secret to investing? Can all the foam waste be processed? Today we will take a closer look at the benefits of foam recycling equipment.

The waste foam in the city is divided into many kinds. There are 3 kinds of foam made of EPE, pearl cotton, EPS and PU. The PE foam is mainly used for packaging and cushioning, and it is more widely used in the packaging of electronic products and agricultural and sideline products. PS foam is divided into two kinds, EPS and XPS. The former can be seen everywhere in life, that is, the white foam used for packing. The most common food packing box is PS foam. The latter is usually made of building materials for thermal insulation panels; PU foam is used for furniture (sponge) and thermal insulation.



At present, we mainly deal with two kinds of froth of PE and PS, which can be reduced by 50 times by using foam compressors to crush them into blocks. PU type foam is usually only broken into filling materials, such as toys, sofas, filling waste of chairs in the automotive industry. At present, the profit margins for foam recycling in China are still very large, because the labor is relatively cheap and raw materials are more common. The domestic recycling system is far less developed than those in Europe and the United States. After all, few people are engaged in the process. After being processed by CF-CP380, the PS recycled materials are processed by the market. The demand for recycled PS materials will continue to increase, so the demand and application of foam compressors will be a trend. Not only will there be great business opportunities, but also can greatly reduce the white trash. In response to the national green environmental protection policy, it will contribute to the cause of global environmental protection.