Foam Cold Compressor Principle

- Dec 02, 2019-

We know that polystyrene plastic is widely used in life and industrial production. Because of its low price, heat resistance, compression and insulation, it is an irreplaceable product in industrial production. Many people feel that plastic foam is not recyclable, or that the value of recycling is not high and the cost of processing is high. It is a great damage and pollution to the environment.

The EPS foam compression block can be reduced by 50 times after being crushed by LIANGUAN foam cold pressing equipment. It is used for granulation and regenerated foam particles are widely used in textile, automobile, food and beverage packaging, consumer electronics and other fields. Some enterprises also put forward the application demand for recycled plastics. With the development of global environmental protection, it is easy to find that the development prospect of recycled plastics is very promising, considerable, absolutely a sunrise industry.