Foam Cold Press Machine For Recovering Foam Waste And Improving Environment

- Dec 02, 2019-

The natural environment is the external material condition for human survival. With the continuous development of economy, human beings realize the importance of environmental protection, because it is not only related to our generation, but also related to the survival of future generations. Since the 1980s, China has embarked on a journey of industrialization and powerful country. With the rapid development of economy, it is also a victim of environment and natural resources At the cost of animals. With the popularity of the Internet and e-commerce, polystyrene foam, which has excellent performance and low cost, is in short supply. People habitually throw away, resulting in huge damage and pollution to the soil, water sources and air.

Waste foam has become the main source of solid waste, so people pay more and more attention to the recycling of waste foam.

Polystyrene foam has excellent impact resistance, strength and toughness, thermal insulation, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, waterproof, anti bacteria and other functions. Its appearance is clean, easy to stain, easy to distinguish and easy to shape, so it is widely used in the shock insulation, packaging and construction industry's insulation and thermal insulation. However, polystyrene foam is difficult to degrade and will cause "white pollution" after being abandoned. Its recycling can not only eliminate "white pollution", but also save resources. There are two ways to recycle polystyrene foam:

1. Edge and corner surplus materials produced by EPS production plant;

2. all kinds of EPS polystyrene foam packages recovered from recycle bin. Recycling is not only a technical problem, but also the most important thing is to realize the sustainable development of national economy and the coordinated development of economy, resources and environment.

Landfill is a traditional way to deal with the old waste foam. Lianguan recycling company is committed to recycling and processing foam waste. Its advanced foam packers, foam hot-melt machines and foam compressors have greatly reduced the storage space of solid foam, and effectively compressed it to 50 and 90 times the original volume, saving transportation costs, and this foam waste is It can be granulated for the manufacture of environmental protection photo frame and new plastic packaging products, so as not to reduce environmental pollution, but also to improve economic efficiency, with one stroke more.