Foam Recovery Machine In Zhangjiagang Lianguan Company

- Dec 02, 2019-

Foam cold compressor

Product Brief:

Waste foam cold compressor---Zhangjiagang Lian Guan company specializes in production: foam block making machine is also called foam compressor. Foam cold press is used to dissolve the waste foam particles after the foam crusher is crushed by the screw, so that it can be easily transported and sold.

This equipment is for those users who do not have granulation equipment, with less investment and convenient operation, it quickly won the welcome of users.


Machine advantages:

Non toxic, odorless. Green environmental protection.

The cold compression type EPS compressor is directly extruded to EPS foam, EPE pearl cotton and EPP polypropylene foam without heating.

The compression ratio is large, and the capacity can be reduced by 50 times. 8 times of capacity reduction of foam cotton

Save storage space, save transportation and storage costs

The compressed EPS material is easy to recycle.

The large-scale machine can operate synchronously with the conveyor belt to improve the production efficiency.

Machine structure:

The most basic structure of the combined crown environmental protection compressor includes 5 parts:

1 pressing part,

2 crushing part,

3 electrical control part

4 pressure control part,

5 discharge part


working principle:

The foam cold pressing machine presses the foam plastics according to the pressure generated by the screw rotation, and carries out the mechanical and environmental protection equipment for cold pressing and compressing. When used, the operator only needs to pour the foam into the hopper and crush the screw by compressing the crushing mechanism of the equipment. After the screw hydraulic device is processed, the square foam compressing block is generated. Double reduction of foam volume and increase of density will facilitate the recovery and utilization of foam.


Display of recyclable processing materials: