Foam Recycling Machine---lianguan Model CP380

- Dec 02, 2019-

Lianguan foam cold press machine is a mechanical environmental protection equipment that compresses foam plastics according to the principle of screw spinning and compresses the foam plastics. When used, the operator only needs to pour the foam into the hopper and crush the screw through the equipment crashing and crushing mechanism. After the screw mechanism is processed, the square foam compressing block is produced. Double reduction of foam volume and increase of density will facilitate the recovery and utilization of foam. Doubling the volume of foam and increasing density is conducive to the recovery and utilization of foam packaging, reducing the huge waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by foam burying and incineration.


The foam recovery machine is divided into two categories: EPS foam cold press and foam hot-melt machine, which are respectively suitable for recycling and processing of EPS/EPP/EPE/PSP/XPS foam plastics. The compression ratio of foam cold press is 50:1, and the proportion of foam hot-melt machine is 90:1.

Advantages of the equipment: the foam cold press adopts the principle of screw propelling compression mechanism. It effectively solves the problems of light weight, large volume, difficult recovery and inconvenient transportation of EPS/EPP/EPE foam plastics and polyurethane foam plastics. The equipment has high compression ratio, and cold pressing treatment does not need to add other chemical products and no odor.

Preparation before use:

1. Check whether the mechanical part and electrical part of the equipment are normal before startup.

2. Operate the equipment according to the instructions of the operation panel

3. Debug the equipment.

4. Set equipment operation parameters

5. After the work is completed, the equipment will be run, and the foam plastics will be compressed into lumps by crushing mechanism, compacting mechanism and forming mechanism.

The principle of foam cold press is to compress foam plastics according to the principle of pressure generated by screw rotation. The mechanical environmental protection equipment for cold pressing and compression treatment is smokeless and tasteless. It accords with the unified standards of environmental protection in Europe and America.

Usage method:

1. Collect EPS foam material and tear off the sticky paper stuck to it.

2. Put the foam material into the hopper of the compactor.

3, foam compressor automatically shatter foam and compress the foam.

4, among them, the split machine series can reach 300kg/ hours of capacity, and the foam is compressed into a EPS block with a density of 50:1.

The reason why the country supports the development of this industry is that the foam recycling machine can turn waste into treasure. As we usually use convenience bags, plastic barrels, washbasins, woven bags and so on are all regenerated products through the foam granulator, so the state is now strongly supporting our development of foam recycling industry, and the prospects for the two use of foam granulation are broad. The cold press equipment is known by more domestic consumers, creating better equipment and meeting the needs of users is our mission.