Lian Guan Foam Cold Compressor Is Recycling Foam Garbage Helper

- Dec 02, 2019-

With the development of technology and economy, the demand for styrofoam plastics is more than ever. It is almost a geometric multiplier. It is mainly used for making disposable lunch boxes and other kinds of industrial packaging items. In addition, polystyrene foam is used for refrigerated containers for packaging food products, utensils, electronic equipment, seafood packaging, etc. Recently, due to many environmental factors, people began to ban the use of polystyrene foam packaging materials. Considering the economic cost and the degree of damage to the environment, the plastics industry believes that the recycling of polystyrene foam is a better option than the complete prohibition of recycling.


In order to recover froth, it is essential to use lianguan foam compressor. The thickening agent of polystyrene foam compacts the foam container and eliminates the need for dumping waste residue. This is a machine that reproduces polystyrene foam to compress polystyrene foam. The thickening agent transforms the foam into hard material by using heat.

We know that plastic foam products contain more than 90% of the air, and the polystyrene foam compressor can greatly reduce the total volume of the foam. Then, the reusable foam is extended to different shapes and sizes. There are different industries using this recycled foam to make decorative materials such as disposable and frame strips.  

The advanced polystyrene foam cold pressure recovery machine provides efficient processing power for various forms of foam plastics.  This advanced machine can recover foam and eliminate pollution, and effectively alleviate the pressure of the ecological environment.


In addition, there are several other types of polystyrene foam processing equipment that can provide high quality results, including lianguan foam hot melting equipment, which is a process of extruding molten cake blocks by using electric heating and melting polystyrene foam plastics. Place the material in a container to mold it into the desired shape. This kind of equipment is very friendly to users, effectively improving production capacity and expanding economic benefits. In addition, the screw hydraulic foam cold compressor is a machine that uses hydraulic pressure to compress polystyrene foam. The process does not involve heating to compact foam, so it does not produce smog or harmful gas. It responds to the vigorous advocacy of the environmental protection department.