Lian Guan Foam Cold Press Equipment Helps Recycle Waste Foam Resources

- Dec 02, 2019-

Lian Guan foam cold press machinery can be understood as a polystyrene foam reduction machine. The principle of the automatic foam cold press is to compress the foam into blocks with spiral compression structure. When used, the operator throws the foam block into the hopper, and the machine has a shredding mechanism to crush the foam block, and then the screw mechanism compresses the small piece of foam into a compression block with a square section. This foam cold press can be used in several commonly used forms, such as cold pressing, hot pressing and hot melt. There is a pressure regulating device at the front end of the compression section to adjust the compression ratio. According to the characteristics of raw materials, the compression ratio of Lian Guan environmental foam cold press can reach 30~40 times, so as to reduce the volume of foam, so as to facilitate long-distance transportation and recovery of granulation.


Structure of waste foam cold press:

1. the foam outlet part can be tailored to the customers according to the different raw material density of the customer, which can accelerate the foam blanking of the pressure bar and suppress the excessive material, and customers can choose according to their own conditions.

2. For the material part of screw rod, high carbon chromium bearing steel is used, which not only improves the wear resistance of the whole screw rod, but also relatively improves the rust resistance of the screw rod and improves the life of the screw rod;

3. temperature control part, according to the problems of the customers in practice, the temperature control device is added on the foam cold press, which avoids the trouble of the wiring of the main engine, and solves the problem of measuring temperature. Now it can accurately know the degree of the upper and lower screws, and can adjust the temperature of the upper and lower screw according to the fineness of the particles, so that it can be used scientifically, well controlled and manufactured. The raw materials are very transparent, so there is no burning or melting phenomenon;

4. In the grinding head part, the double screen changing machine head is adopted, which solves the problem that the original machine is not compared in the screen changing shutdown and reheating, not only saves time but also saves cost; at the same time, according to the customer's demand, the hydraulic screen changing grinding head is produced, which is characterized by "no leakage of material, energy saving, time saving and easy operation", which greatly improves the output of the equipment;

5. the safety part, making equipment should first consider the problem of no danger. The United Champions environmental protection foam cold press is one of the high temperature scalding problems when working, and the other is the circuit problem. First, the high temperature scald. When buying, we should first consider whether the workers can touch the heater when the equipment is working, and whether the circuit is secure when working, and the equipment is installed. A complete set of high temperature safety. In the motor part, the motor belt is prone to problems. We have adopted a full cover shield, which not only ensures the stability of the motor in operation, but also adds a lot of color to the beauty of the whole machine.


The features of the automatic waste foam cold compacting machinery are:

Non toxic, odorless and green

The machine operation is convenient and efficient