Maintenance Method Of Foam Recycling Machine

- Dec 02, 2019-

Foam recycling machine has become more and more popular in the market in recent years. Its emergence has solved the plan of foam recovery and built the environmental protection business together. But for the black horse in the development of the domestic market, we must not neglect its maintenance measures at ordinary times.

1. It shall be operated by full-time personnel. Generally, the main engine is not allowed to operate under no-load condition, so as to avoid scratches between screw and barrel. If there is material stored in the barrel when the machine is stopped, it is forbidden to start the machine again if the specified process temperature (including heat preservation) is not reached, so as to avoid accidents caused by damage to extruded parts.

2, before the operation of the foam recovery machine is put into operation, it is necessary to add proper viscosity lubricant. The oil should be replaced for about 200 hours for the first time. The lubricating oil must be drained, rinsed, and then refilled to the center of the oil standard. If the oil level is too high or too low, the operating temperature may rise. The working environment temperature of gear reducer is - 40 ~ + 40. If it is lower than 0, the lubrication should be preheated to above 0 before starting. If it is higher than 40, cooling measures must be taken. Gear reducer is specified to use L-CKC220 medium extreme pressure industrial gear oil.

3. The raw materials to be processed must be clean, and the sundries such as metal, cloth belt, sand and so on must be strictly prevented from entering the feeding port, so as to prevent damage to the rotary knife, barrel and screw. If abnormal phenomena are found during operation, stop the machine immediately for inspection and repair.

4. Regularly check whether the chain is loose. If it is loose, please tension it in time. Extrude the transmission parts to loosen the adjustable reducer, loosen the four fixing screws that fix the reducer, adjust the reducer to make the chain tension, and then tighten the four fixing screws. Adjust both sides of the screw rod to withstand the two side of the reducer, so that the foam recovery machine will not shift when working. The broken transmission parts are loose, and the tensioning wheel can be adjusted. When adjusting, it must be carried out during shutdown.

Regular maintenance of foam recycling machine is a very worthwhile learning habit. As a machine, foam recycling machine needs us to care more about it and care about it.