PET Recycling Plastic Can Be Used For Infinite Recycling.

- Jun 24, 2019-

The application advantage of PET recycling plastics has been recognized by many industries, For example, it can be used in motorcycle helmet making, packing rope, garment manufacturing and fishing line manufacturing, etc. The production of plastics is generally derived from petroleum, which is a scarce resource on the earth. In order to save the earth's resources, many countries have realized the important role of plastic recycling technology, Even in the 1990s, has been used PET renewable material implementation of PET chip, the PET material can be all kinds of fruit juice drinks, tea drinks, mineral water, acid milk and dairy products as the main packaging materials, etc.

1. Analysis on the Development of PET Recycling Utilization

The PET process has made rapid development long ago. In all kinds of industries, it is found that the environmental pollution caused by PET products or PET wastes, especially the negative impact on economic development, is also great. This development problem has become a key issue in social development.

In the international market, waste PET recycling and reprocessing industry development course is relatively long, especially in the 1970s, PET recycling and reprocessing technology in our country are gradually known.There are many ways to use PET recycling technology, such as recycled bottles, engineering plastics, film, recycled fiber, chemical recovery of raw materials, plastic steel tape and plate, and so on.The fiber can be divided into regenerated PET composite fiber , low melting point PET , PET staple fiber , etc.PET renewable spinning, for example is analyzed, and the comparison to the original PET fiber, every tons can output the recycling of PET fiber, can save three tons of oil, and at the same time, also can save 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, Thus, it can be seen that PET recovery and reprocessing technology measures will promote the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction work. However, due to labor costs and other factors, many developed countries in the application of PET recovery technology, will be more emphasis on market expansion and new technology development, or put their eyes on high value-added.

In  Beijing  area, the total number of discarded PET plastic bottles reaches 15 million tons a year, or about 6 billion used glass bottles, If this trend is not coordinated and coordinated, it will cause a lot of pollution to the environment. Especially in the manufacturing industry development under the background of accelerated increasingly, recycled PET slice technology development has been accelerated, the use of PET recycled plastic bottles, as the country's oil resources utilization to provide the technical support.

2. Analysis of the development prospect of PET recycling.

With the problem of scarcity of resources on a global scale, people's thinking patterns are gradually changing, especially the theories of reducing, recycling, reusing and repairing. These new economic concepts have gradually been recognized and understood by people. In production and life, these thinking patterns are integrated into them, whether they are new technologies or information processing methods. Both of them have brought a lot of pro-motive effects to the recycling of PET in China. At the same time, great progress has been made in the research and development of this technology.At present, China's dependence on oil is gradually decreasing, and the circular economy is fully implemented, and a resource conserving society is gradually built to lay a solid foundation for the long term development of every one. Compared with foreign advanced international, our research and development of PET technology still needs further efforts, and actively USES the form of technology innovation of developed country for reference, to do a good job of the accused, create a suitable for the development of our country PET bottle recycling process, meet the demand of sustainable development, reduce environmental pollution.

3. Conclusion

To sum up, since entered the 21st century, our country's science and technology development level has been improved, people in the development of practice at the same time, also to realize the importance of transformation development philosophy, and actively with the development of advanced concepts, provide power for the urban development, And the recycling of PET bottles is a typical example of sustainable development. The raw material used in PET plastics is petroleum. Under the current social development, traditional resources production ideas will not only cause serious waste of resources, but also bring environmental pollution problems to urban development. This will greatly restrict the development of the city. Therefore, to better solve this problem, we must do a good job in recycling PET bottles, save natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.