Plastic Mixing Machine Operation Method And Precautions

- Feb 28, 2019-

1. The plastic mixer needs to be placed on a relatively flat area, and then the front and rear axles are padded with square wood, so that the tires are placed high and overhead, in order to avoid moving around when starting.

2, the plastic mixer is to carry out the second-level leakage protection, must be carefully checked after the power is turned on, and then need to pass the empty car test transfer is considered qualified before use. In the test run, it is necessary to check whether the speed of the mixing drum is suitable. Under normal circumstances, the speed of the empty car is slightly faster than that of the car, but if there is too much difference, then the ratio of the moving wheel to the driving wheel needs to be adjusted.

3. The rotation direction of the plastic mixer should meet the direction indicated by the arrow. If it is not practical, then the motor wiring needs to be corrected.

4, need to check whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, and there is no damage on the wire rope, especially in the track pulley is not good, and there are no obstacles around and lubrication of various parts.


5. After starting the machine, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the operation of the components of the mixer is normal. Especially when the machine is stopped, it is necessary to check whether the mixer blades are bent or not, and whether the screws are knocked down or loose. Mixer

6. When the plastic granules or powder are stirred well or it is expected to stop for more than 1 hour, in addition to the remaining material, the plastic mixer will pour stones and water into the barrel, and then stick to the barrel after turning on the machine. The mortar on the top is cleaned and completely discharged. Note that there should be no water in the barrel to avoid rusting the barrel and blades. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the outside of the mixing drum to keep the machinery clean and in good condition.

7. After work and when the machine is not in use, the plastic mixer should be powered off and locked, and the switch box should be locked to ensure safety.