Principle And Characteristics Of Waste Foam Cold Press Machine

- Dec 02, 2019-

The waste foam cold press machine is to recycle waste foam again, then compress it, increase its density, carry out compression according to the size required by customers, and try to get the volume of the foam, so that the old foam will be stored and transported conveniently.

Principle of waste foam cold press machine:

The foam cooler can also understand foam reduction machine. Its principle is to compress the foam into blocks with screw compression mechanism. When used, the operator just throws the foam block into the hopper, and the machine has a shredding mechanism to crush the foam block, and then the screw mechanism compresses the small piece of foam into a compression block with a square section. This kind of briquetting machine can adopt several common forms such as cold pressing, hot pressing, hot melting, hydraulic pressure, etc. There is a pressure regulating device at the front end of the compression section to adjust the compression ratio. According to the characteristics of raw materials, the compression ratio can reach 30~40 times, so as to reduce the volume of foam, so as to facilitate long-distance transportation and recovery of granulation.


Foam cold press and waste foam cold press: also called waste foam cold press, it is a special machine for granulating waste foam, pearl cotton and foaming polystyrene. The machine has reasonable design, high automation, advanced technology, high efficiency, energy saving and no pollution. It can directly produce particles at room temperature, which is bright and even, and does not damage the original molecular mechanism.


Characteristics of waste foam cold pressing machinery:

1. the foam cold presser is equipped with complete facilities, which can be automatically and continuously produced. It is automatic production from raw material crushing, brace and cutting into granules.

2. the foam cold pressing equipment has the advantages of small area, less power consumption, high finished product and wide application range.

3. Separate power distribution shall be adopted to ensure better motor operation.

4. Make full use of the high-pressure continuous heating, automatic heating production, avoid heating continuous heating, more energy saving.

5. Screw and discharge port are made of imported carbon structural lead steel, durable and not easy to deform.