Production Principle Of Plastic Extrusion Equipment

- Mar 05, 2019-

The production principle of plastic extrusion equipment, what is the extrusion equipment? Common extruder types are plastic extruders and rubber extruders. This is categorized according to the material extruded from the equipment. In addition to this classification, the extruder can be classified according to the number of screws. Common ones are single-screw extruders and twin-screw extruders.


The raw material is put into the feeding port to enter the barrel of the extruder equipment for processing, and then the raw material is pressed forward by the rotation of the screw to be extruded into the die of the extruder after plasticizing. The extrusion speed can be controlled by the inverter.

The extruder screw and the barrel are generally divided into three sections. The first section is the conveying section, that is, the raw material is pushed forward by the feeding port and then conveyed to the second section of the apparatus, that is, the compression section. The compression section is also called the processing section of the raw material, and the raw material is shrunk by extrusion of the screw. At this time, the volume of the groove is gradually reduced from large to large, and the temperature is to reach the degree of plasticization of the material and to carry the conveying action to make the raw material enter the third stage. The third section of the extruder screw is called the metering section. The raw material of the metering section is kept in the plasticized state, and the equal amount of metering material is sent to the extruder die for molding. The temperature of this section is usually higher than that of the second section. The paragraph is higher.