Recycling Principle Of Waste Foam Products

- Dec 02, 2019-

We know that the recycling technology of polystyrene foam can be divided into two main categories, one is the recovery technology of physical property method, the other is the method of recycling and reusing foam plastics by means of bond compression molding, filling and extrusion molding. It is relatively simple and easy to do and mature, but the recovered foam is suitable for low-grade products, and it is old and eliminated. Faster. The technology of chemical recovery is relatively complex, the cost is higher, and the industrial maturity is relatively late. Until now, new degradation methods are still emerging, but the foam produced by the final recovered products has better performance, and the most popular way of foam recycling is to use special foam mechanical equipment to deal with physical characteristics.


LIANGUAN recycling equipment is affordable and can handle all kinds of waste foam products:

Whether it is cold pressing principle or hot melting principle, EPS hot melting machine can process a large number of materials, such as EPS, EPP, EPX, XPS, PUR, EVA into small compression blocks. Compared with Japan, Europe and the United States, the price of the machine is moderate, with high cost performance. The machine can be carried and moved easily. It can be used near major commercial supermarkets, schools, hospitals, small warehouses, retail stores and seafood markets.

With the rapid development of e-commerce and the Internet, polystyrene foam is widely used in the packaging industry, but its volume is very large and difficult to transport, resulting in the emergence of waste plastic recycling machinery and equipment. In order to reduce the pollution caused by waste plastics and improve the living environment of human beings, under the difficult test without domestic standards and reference data, and with the purpose of focusing on the diversity and professionalism of waste plastics, our company has developed a new type of waste heat melting machine through many continuous experiments and research, which has formed a unique feature in the field of waste recycling. In order to avoid the secondary pollution of water resources and ecological environment caused by recycling machines, our company organized researchers to solve this technical problem again. Under the guidance of the idea of eliminating secondary pollution, the transformation and upgrading of waste recycling machine is realized.

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Principle of recycling equipment for foam products:

The single axis or double axis broken blades are used in the hot melting machine of the lianguan recycling machinery series. The blades on the shaft are arranged in a staggered way, and the blades are evenly arranged on the shaft in the same direction. When the crusher blade is working, it is broken into smaller pieces by cutting the blade. The material enters into the screw automatically, and then is pushed to the heating cylinder by the high-speed rotating screw. The screw of the main machine can transport and heat the material to the hot melt state, then extrude it and cut it into pieces by the hydraulic cutter, which is more convenient for storage and transportation.

Lianguan foam cold compression equipment has the characteristics of high performance, space saving and convenient transportation. Its operation is pollution-free, can protect the environment, avoid secondary pollution, realize the reuse of waste plastics and create greater benefits.