Small Investment And Large Output Of Foam Compact Machine

- Dec 02, 2019-

Zhangjiagang lianguan foam compact machine principle: spiral compression mechanism EPS waste foam compression into block. When we use it, we just pour the foam into the hopper of the foam briquetting machine, and the machine has a shredding mechanism to crush the foam block. Then the screw mechanism compresses the small EPS foam into a compression block with a square shape. The foam briquetting machine adopts the cold pressing principle, and the compression process does not need special heating. There is a pressure regulating device at the front end of the compression section to adjust the compression ratio. According to the characteristics of raw materials, the compression ratio of the foam briquetting machine can be up to 50 times. High yield EPS foam crushing, compressing block forming machine cold pressing machine equipment. The compression density can reach 300kg/m, the output is 200kg/h, the equipment is small and the occupied area is small, so it is convenient for EPS foam briquetting.


Model: Foam briquetting machine

Capacity: 200kg / h

Total power: 34.2kw

Compression ratio: 50:1

Treatment object: EPS expanded polystyrene, EPS lunch box, XPS insulation board, EPP expanded polypropylene

In addition to cold pressing technology based foam briquetting machine, joint crown environmental protection professional foam recovery equipment and hot melt technology based foam briquetting machine, also known as foam hot-melt machine, foam compacting hot melt machine is the waste foam (waste foam packaging, foam insulation board lower corner material, bubble fast food box, fish box and household appliances package) through the foam briquetting machine screw crushed foam after. Screw heating and plasticizing, extruding into lump shape, convenient for transportation and sales. The compression ratio is as high as 90:1, and equipped with professional storage tanks and exhaust pipes. The cooling system makes lianguan foam briquetting machine hot melting machine the only professional foam hot-melt machine with high compression ratio, no pollution and high production capacity.