Teach You To Reduce Foam Polystyrene Packaging Materials

- Dec 02, 2019-

There are mainly 4 ways to reduce foam polystyrene packaging materials:

A) reduced use of styrofoam - the reduction in the use of natural resources. For this reason, we should avoid using disposable products, improve packaging design, reduce the use of foamed polystyrene, reduce environmental cost and environmental load.

B) polystyrene packaging, which can be used for many times, such as carrying semi manufactured goods for internal transportation. Another simple way to reuse foamed polystyrene packaging is to grind the package as a regulator of the soil to regulate the water and air dispersion characteristics of the soil.

C) recycling - the use of foam polystyrene packaging through the foam briquetting machine, screw extrusion principle, compress pellets and processing, make new products, can be used as alternatives to other things, such as replacing solid wood, made of garden equipment; or instead of stone slab, for paving the roof; or for the production of new plastic products such as hangers and CDs / video cassette.

D) the recycling of polystyrene - the heating of foamed polystyrene is higher than that of coal, and it can be safely burned in the heat recovery system or incineration with proper pollution control equipment, which releases toxic or harmful substances.