[technology] Structure Principle, Installation And Debugging Precautions Of Automatic Non-woven Production Line!

- May 18, 2020-

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, masks are tight and

hard to find, and the price of melt blown fabrics is still tight and prices continue to rise. At present, a complete industrial chain of "polypropylene special material melt blown melt blown cloth mask" has been basically established in China. The melt blown cloth is an important part of the products. At present, there are many manufacturers of melt blown cloth in China, but because many enterprises are beginning to enter the melt blown industry, many enterprises are in urgent need of the adjustment master of the melt blown equipment. Therefore, collate the relevant information for your reference.


In fact, the manufacturing of the production equipment of the melt blown cloth is not complicated. Generally, the whole set of melt blown cloth equipment includes the main machine, heating system, lubrication system, hydraulic system, cooling system, electrical control system, etc. The main machine is mainly composed of screw extruder, filtering device, metering pump, melt blown die head assembly, receiving device and coiling mechanism. However, the production process involves "temperature, air pressure, mold, rotation speed and other parameters ratio", which requires no

Breaking in and debugging can make the melt blown products reach the best effect.

A small single-layer melt blown non-woven fabric production line on the market costs more than 2 million yuan. The price of three layers is higher, which costs more than 7 million yuan. It will take at least two or three months for a skilled start-up expert to debug from a new machine to production. In case of failure and shutdown, in addition to the cost of raw materials, heating and water and electricity, there are also the cost of workers' delay in work, working capital in the plant, and the loss of gold production time. After the failure of melt blown non-woven equipment, the professional maintenance team should be contacted for timely treatment at the first time. Time is money. The shorter the time to find a professional maintenance team, the lower the loss.


Melt blown non-woven fabric is different from the traditional spinning and gluing production. It uses high-speed hot air flow to stretch the polymer trickle out of the spinneret hole of the module, and becomes a kind of ultra-fine short fiber, which is guided to the roller for cooling and forming by its own adhesion.


Its production process is a kind of flowing water process, from material loading and unloading of polymer to material melting and extrusion, through the measurement of metering pump, a special spinneret die group is used to eject, high-speed hot air flow guides the polymer trickle out of spinneret hole to stretch reasonably, after cooling, it is formed on the roller, and the material receiving and processing at the lower end are all in one breath, any ring If there are any problems, production may be interrupted. Problems shall be found and solved in time.

The melt blown non-woven fabric production line includes many single equipment, such as feeding machine for feeding polymer, screw extruder, metering pump device, spinneret hole mold group, heating system, air compressor and cooling system, receiving and winding device. These equipment work alone, under the joint command of PLC and industrial control computer, forming a synchronous and tension control system, which can be used to control extrusion, transmission and winding by frequency converter, heating by temperature control system, fan and cooling by frequency converter, etc. At present, the domestic spinneret die set can't achieve high precision, so it needs to be imported from abroad, while other accessories can be produced in China, so the maintenance efficiency is relatively higher.


Some mechanical problems are easy to find and solve. For example, if a drive roller bearing is broken, it will make abnormal noise, and it is also easy to find appropriate parts for replacement. Or the screw reducer is broken, which will obviously cause speed fluctuation and make a big noise.


But electrical problems, if there is a fault, are relatively hidden. For example, if a contact of PLC is broken, the linkage will be abnormal. A Drive Optocoupler of the frequency converter is abnormal, which causes the three-phase current fluctuation of the motor to be severe or even phase loss shutdown. If the parameters of the winding tension are not matched well, the winding will be irregular. Or the leakage of a certain line causes the whole production line to trip and fail to start.



If the touch screen touches the glass, due to too much pressing, or dust and grease running to the inner cable head, resulting in poor contact or aging of the touch pad, resulting in ineffective or invalid pressing, it needs to be handled in time.


PLC is generally less bad, but it doesn't mean that it won't be broken. Generally, most of the contacts and power supply are burned. Relative problems can be handled simply and quickly. If the program is lost or the main board has problems, the whole production line will be paralyzed. It needs to find a professional company to help solve the problem in time.


Frequency converter and tension control system, because in this type of equipment, the power used is relatively large, if the site does not pay attention to cold cutting and dust removal, it is also easy to shut down in the production process because of high temperature and static electricity.