The Hot Melting Cake Treated By The Foam Hot-melting Machine Has Such A Large Function.

- Dec 02, 2019-

Lianguan foam melting machine adopts the screw extruding compression principle, which has the advantages of small volume, small floor area, and electricity saving, good material discharge effect, and economic benefit.

Simple and stable operation, the new foam melting machine produced by the Union environmental protection machinery foam recovery and compression equipment factory is simple and easy to install. First, the waste foam is crushed into the extruder by heating and melting, and finally the foam hot melt cake is cooled.


The equipment consists of a crusher, an automatic feeding machine, a hot-melt machine, an electric control cabinet and a heating device. The chromaticity of raw materials is first classified so as not to affect the quality and reduce the profit, so the quality of the foam hot-melt machine is very important.

After the compression treatment, the foam melting cake is a raw material used for granulation to produce new products. It is produced by recycling the waste foam with a foam hot-melt machine (also called a foam briquetting machine). This foam hot frit is a material with relatively large market usage. Its advantage is that the weight of the hot frit is large, and it can transport a lot at a time, which is convenient for transportation and storage. The cost is low, the large amount of loose waste foam collected in the province is not placed, and the raw materials are sufficient, and there is no delay in production. The main purpose of the foam hot frit is to granulate and recycle. First, after processing by the hot melt crusher, the foam particles are processed through the production process of the foam granulator.

The difference between it and the foam hot-melt machine is that the former is processed into plastic products, and the latter is used to produce foam particles.

The price of the former is high, while that of the latter is a little lower.


It is a big trend to use foam hot frit to make foam particles. Some people specialize in making block materials. Some people specialize in making granules, and some people do two things. No matter which form of EPS compressing material is the raw material lacking in the market, it not only conforms to the national policy of advocating green environmental protection, but also is a sunrise industry that can produce very high economic benefits.

Each link is closely linked, the foam granulator as their "maker" is also constantly improving their own shortcomings. Zhangjiagang LianGuan Recycling machinery as a professional manufacturer of foam hot melt recycling and granulating equipment manufacturers, with special emphasis on product development, equipment quality, and lean production in one after another. The production process of the compression equipment is very mature, and the degree of automation is very high. A person can operate and deal with a lot of waste foam raw materials, and equipped with safety measures to ensure the safety of production and ensure that the interests of customers are not harmed.