The Prospect Of Eps Waste Foam Recycling Industry Is Considerable.

- Dec 02, 2019-

Lianguan recycling machinery before the domestic market, our recycling business development time is also far less than the European and American long, which are subject to economic development, plastic products have not been well popularized, especially recycling, the majority of the people did not form a good sense of recovery, especially with the popularity of foam plastic products in recent years, it can be abandoned through a series of production processes. After reprocessing, foam plastics can produce foam particles, which can turn waste into treasure. After the production and processing of mechanical equipment, it can not only ease our demand for foam plastics from raw materials, but also deal with polluting plastic foam products from the perspective of environmental protection.


    Due to the imbalance between supply and demand of EPS foam compression processing equipment, which is in line with the domestic environmental protection department, more and more customers are using lianguan foam cold compression equipment, because our machine has only entered the domestic market in recent years. It adopts the complete system of core technology and foam recovery in Europe and America, and the components of the equipment come from the top five hundred enterprises in the world. Manufacturing is one of the few domestic products that meet the requirements of the environmental protection department.

    With the abolition of the waste last year and the introduction of environmental subsidy policies, the state is vigorously promoting the development direction of energy conservation, environmental protection and ecological sustainability. Compared with the mature foam recovery concepts in the developed countries of Europe, America and Japan, as well as many years of recycling practice, China's Foam plastics recycling industry is basically blank, mainly because of the high cost of foam waste recovery, high processing costs, and storage and storage. Transportation is not convenient, both individuals and companies are lack of investment in foam recycling equipment. Lian Guan environmental protection is a professional manufacturer of foam recycling equipment. It only needs to buy a foam cold press. It can handle foam waste anywhere and at any time. After processing, the foam compression block can be recycled and granulated to produce frame frames, which are very environmentally friendly, and also have considerable economic benefits.

    At present, regenerated foam particles have been applied in automobile, food and beverage packaging, consumer electronics and so on. Many governments and third party environmental engineering have actively proposed the application demand for recycled plastics. With the release of various constraints in the future, it is easy to see that the development prospect of recycled plastics is considerable. Foam recovery equipment such as foam cold press and foam hot-melt machine has become the market leader. With the introduction of national policies, the support of the government has accelerated the pace of development of the foam compression recycling machinery industry.