The Significance Of Polystyrene Foam Waste Recycling

- Dec 02, 2019-

As we all know, since the second industrial revolution, human beings have experienced rapid economic development, but also caused environmental damage. Global warming has become an urgent problem to be solved in various countries. Compared with the development of high recovery system in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, China's recovery is obviously lagging behind. Lianguan environmental protection has been deeply involved in European and American markets for more than 10 years, and has accumulated core technology and market experience. It has entered the domestic market since 2012, hoping to make its own contribution to the domestic environmental protection cause.

We know that because of the low price of plastic, it is widely used in the packaging of products. Most of the disposable disposable use causes white pollution which is well known, and more domestic direct landfill or incineration of these foam wastes. For example, the use of agricultural mulch film has brought great development to agriculture. However, the litter of the used debris causes the barrier layer of the film debris to the soil, which makes the quality of cultivated land worse, hinders the development of plant roots and the absorption of water and nutrients, and makes the soil toxic. Plastic waste can be washed through rainwater for a long time. Toxic additives in plastic will enter the groundwater, causing pollution in rivers and lakes and endangering human health. Foam waste is also one of the main reasons for the extinction of many marine organisms.

Therefore, the state is also actively promoting waste plastics recycling technology, and the waste foam plastic compressor is also one of the options. Through waste plastics recycling, crushing, compression, hydraulic extrusion and so on, the regeneration of waste foam plastics can be realized and become a valuable industrial regeneration material ---EPS compressing material.


EPS polystyrene foam is a product of petroleum, but China's oil reserves account for only about 2% of the world's total. Since 1993, China has changed from oil exporting to petroleum importing. In 2002, Japan has replaced Japan as the second largest oil consumer in the world. Up to now, China's oil import dependence is still very high. Therefore, energy shortage has become a major factor to prevent social development. The recovery and utilization of waste foam plastics will alleviate the increasing shortage of resources to a certain extent.

The wide use of foam recovery equipment will greatly achieve the goal of recycling waste plastics, while the United Nations environmental protection professional manufacturer, its foam cold press and foam hot-melt machine can meet the needs of different customers. Its biggest feature is customization and environmental protection without pollution.