The Technical Principle Of LIANGUAN Foam Compacting Machine

- Dec 02, 2019-

Lian Guan has a specially designed machine for compressing and reducing volume of waste polystyrene foam. which is similar to foam melting machine, but only adopts cold pressing technology. In the past, when the environmental protection requirements were not too strict, most of the manufacturers used the foam melting and pressing machine to heat and melt the waste foam. Although the foam hot-melt machine would produce odor and smoke when working, this is not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, lianguan team engineers continues to upgrade the development of the new version of the foam cold press. The foam cold press is a mechanical principle that is extruded by spiral propulsion, crushing and crushing the waste foam into blocks. The whole process will not produce smell of smoke. It is an environmental protection foam compression treatment recovery equipment. In order to effectively avoid the hazards of carbonization of the finished products, the most important thing is how to prevent them effectively and reduce the losses to an acceptable level. We need to understand the essence of carbonization, and use effective methods to solve and prevent the carbonization of foam finished products. We need strict control.


The compression ratio of the foam cold press is larger than that of the foam hot melt machine, but the compression ratio can reach 50:1, but the transportation cost has been greatly reduced. When some customers buy the cold press, they are greedy for low price. Regardless of the quality and performance of the equipment, they buy the equipment of small factories, which is very undesirable. At the price of one point, the price of the foam cold press on the market is different. The difference is also very large, and the effect is different. For the old waste foam recycling products, the vast majority of people used the traditional way of burning and burying, which caused great pollution to the environment, air and water resources. Because of this, Lian Guan has been committed to providing high-quality, environmental friendly and non polluting foam compression equipment, not only greatly reducing foam waste, but also greatly promoting the bubble back. The rise of the collection industry, which is processed by lianguan foam block machine, can be recycled to produce new products such as photo frames at high price. At the same time, Lian Guan foam compressor provides customers with the first generation of customized research and invention.