What Industry Uses Foam Compactor Machine To Deal With Foam Plastics?

- Dec 02, 2019-

1. Manufacturer / cutter

The waste produced by the manufacturer is generally the leftover material and dust produced by cutting.

In addition, manufacturers will collect EPS waste from their customers.

But these EPS leftovers and waste materials occupy a lot of space, and will cause dust flying. In addition, EPS is flammable and explosive, which has a great potential safety hazard for the factory. Many manufacturers / cutters use crushers to dispose of the waste and then sell it to the construction industry.

But selling polystyrene crushing material is seasonal. It can be divided into off-season and peak season according to the market demand.

The reduction effect of EPS is only 3:1 at most, so in the off-season of crushing material sales, these wastes will still cause great trouble to manufacturers and cutters, space storage! Potential safety hazard!

Using the EPS compressor or hot-melt machine, the capacity reduction effect is 50:1, 90:1. The sales market of the compressed material is more stable.

2. Recycler

The reclaimer's sources of materials are complex, including industrial sources and living sources.

Generally, recyclers of plastic and paper will receive some EPS waste at the same time

The EPS waste in the recycling yard may have clean EPS industrial packaging materials, peculiar smell fish boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes, concrete stained EPS insulation boards for demolition buildings, and even dirty agricultural seed boxes with sand and soil

Due to the mixed sources of these wastes, a more professional EPS recovery plan is needed for the diversity of these materials.

For recyclers, packaging and professional processing can be sold, but the value of materials is 10 times different.

For recyclers, the stronger their professional ability and the wider their business scope, the more contracts they can negotiate and receive. With the ability to deal with EPS waste professionally, it can help recyclers to talk about more customers and get more materials, which will be more helpful to the existing main business.

3. Fishers / fish market

EPS box, its strong food preservation ability and transportation protection ability, is widely used in the fish business industry, and these boxes, because of food safety considerations, are disposable.

So the fish market / fish processing plant will produce a lot of waste fish boxes every day. For them, the boxes take up space and smell fishy. It's a big waste disposal fee to find a recycler. And the recycler can't take away these boxes every day. So the waste of fish boxes is a headache for them.

4. Logistics industry

EPS, as a packaging material, plays a very good protective role in the transportation process.

In the logistics industry, especially for the storage and distribution service of home appliance furniture, there will be a lot of packaging materials waste in the process of distribution and installation for customers, and a large number of EPS packaging materials account for a large proportion.

Because of the characteristics of EPS, the transportation cost of this material is very expensive. Not all recyclers are willing and able to deal with this material. If the recycling company does not pull away in time, the accumulation of these wastes will bring a very troublesome space problem to the logistics warehouse.

In view of the situation of the industry, we will design and provide the best capacity reduction scheme, and purchase the compressed EPS packaging materials.

5. Furniture / home appliance manufacturer

EPS packaging materials are mostly used for transportation protection of household appliances / furniture products.

The assembly workshop, DC warehouse and retail store of these manufacturers will produce a lot of EPS packaging materials.

If the recycler can't take it away in time, occupy space and 5S management is troublesome, there are also great safety risks for the factory.

According to different situations, we have different types of machines to provide customers with complete solutions.