What Kind Of Melt Blown Cloth Is Qualified?

- May 06, 2020-

What kind of melt blown cloth is qualified?

Generally, samples shall be taken and sent to qualified laboratory for testing, and the qualification shall be determined according to the test results.


1Test basis

FZ / T 64034-2014 spunbond / melt blown / spunbond (SMS) non woven fabrics


2Test items

1. Appearance quality inspection: cloth appearance, hole, impurity, peculiar smell, micropore, crystal point, frit, rigid wire, unreinforced area, thin net, width deviation, color difference, joint quality.

2. Internal quality inspection: mass deviation rate per unit area, longitudinal breaking strength, transverse breaking strength, longitudinal and transverse elongation at break, hydrostatic pressure and air permeability.

3. Detection of microbial indicators: total number of bacterial colonies, total number of fungal colonies, coliform bacteria, pathogenic pyogenic bacteria.


3Melt blown cloth is widely used

In addition to being used as medical and health cloth, the melt blown cloth is mainly used in the production of insulation materials, filter materials, geotextiles, wrapping cloth, cement bag packaging and other products on industrial cloth, agricultural cloth is mainly used in the production of irrigation cloth, heat preservation curtain, seedling raising cloth and other products, and household decorative cloth is mainly used in the production of tablecloth, bedspread, bedspread, curtain and other products. In addition, the melt blown cloth is also used to produce sound insulation materials, space cotton, absorbent felt and other products. Therefore, understanding the detection of melt blown cloth can help us better control the quality of raw materials and guide our relevant activities.