EPS Cold Compactor

Due to the lack of active investment in compressors and the need for logistics systems, most polystyrene products are currently not recycled. Because the density of polystyrene foam is relatively low, it can not be well collected.

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EPS Cold Compactor

Due to the lack of active investment in compressors and the need for logistics systems, most polystyrene products are currently not recycled. Because the density of polystyrene foam is relatively low, it can not be well collected. However, if the scrap material passes through the initial compaction process, the material density will usually change from 30 kg/m3 to 330 kg/m3, which will become high quality recyclable plastic particles. The CF polystyrene foam compressor can well compress polystyrene foam, which provides great convenience for the recovery work.

The joint crown EPS foam cold press is used to solve this problem. It can reduce the size of EPS foam material, and the compression ratio can reach 1:30-1: 50. The compression product is EPS foam plastic block with a density of 350 kg/m3. It is easy to treat EPS foam plastic material into another recycling form.

The EPS foam compressor is mainly used to treat waste paper, EPS foam (polypropylene foam), EPE and so on.

Through the continuous improvement of the EPS foam compressor, it has achieved a superior performance. EPS foam compressor is based on PLC automatic control system and peripheral circuit control, the performance is quite stable.

First, the volume of the material is reduced by the filter screen on the crusher and the compressor, and then the material will fall onto the screw. The main motor will push the material forward through the screw. Meanwhile, the hydraulic system of the die head will be closed to compress the EPS foam material. The material will become lump, and the volume will be reduced by 30 to 50 times, and it will be easier to carry and transport. All parts of the machine are made up of one machine, which saves cost, energy consumption and space. These EPS bubbles can be broken into smaller volumes again.

The CP150 EPS polystyrene foam compressor is a small and medium-sized model of all the cold presses of the company. It is equipped with a 1.5KW crusher and a 3kW screw motor. This type of cold press is suitable for supermarkets, small seafood markets, schools and hospitals. It can improve the efficiency of recycling. Customers usually compress the EPS foam block into 150mmX150mm size.


EPS Cold Compactor Technical Parameters:





Screw Diameter


Input Size


Screw rotation speed


Crusher blade


Crusher rotation speed


Main motor


Crusher motor

2.2 kw

Production size







Foam cold press is also called waste foam compactor and foam cold pressing equipment. It is designed to recycle waste foam again, then compress it, increase its density, compress it according to the size of customer requirements, and try to get the volume of the foam, so that the old foam will be easily stored and transported. Now. This equipment is a good set of energy-saving and environmental protection recycling equipment, conducive to the recycling of renewable resources, can give customers a cost-effective comparison from the Central, and achieve the purpose of improving economic efficiency. It is also a very good enrichment project, with less investment and quick results. It is a necessary good equipment for renewable resources companies. Therefore, it can be seen that EPS foam compaction function can effectively reduce foam volume and reduce storage space and transportation cost. The introduction of German technology, R&D and design in China, spare parts selection of reliable brand, good quality and cost-effective, can quickly recycle costs, due to low noise, can effectively improve the workplace. The characteristics of EPS foam compactor. Recycling and reusing waste, reducing waste disposal cost, saving storage space, saving PS material after transportation and storage cost compression for recycling, saving labor cost, operation and maintenance cost, low quality and good price is also cheap.

Fault 1: There is a big noise at the fastener of the reducer.

Cause: Fastener loosening

Measure: Tighten bolt/nut to specified torque. Replace damaged bolts/nuts.

Fault 2: Noise change of reducer

Reason 1: The gear teeth of the gear have been damaged measures: check the teeth on all parts, replace the damaged parts

Reason 2: Measures for excessive bearing clearance: adjusting bearing clearance

Reason 3: Bearing damage measures: replacement of damaged bearings

Failure 3: Increased tank temperature

Reason 1: The oil level in the tank is too high or too low. Measures: Check the height of the oil level at room temperature and refuel as needed.

Reason 2: Oil is too old measures: check the last oil change time.

Reason 3: Mechanical failure measures of oil pump: check whether the work of oil pump is normal, repair or replace the new oil pump.

Reason 4: Bearing damage measures: consult the data obtained by operators in vibration measurement. Check and replace bearings as needed.

Failure 4: Oil leakage of reducer

Reason 1: Poor sealing of box cover or joint

Measures: Check the seals and connections and replace them if necessary. Seal the connection well.

Reason 2: Failure Measures of Radial Seal: Replacement of Radial Seal Ring.

Failure 5: Machine does not move

Reason 1: Blackout Measures: Check Power Supply

Reason 2: Connection disconnection measures: check wiring

Reason 3: Bad contact of switch: repair or replacement

Reason 4: Motor Coil Breaking Measures: Inspection

Reason 5: Low Voltage Measures: Check whether the power cord is too long or too thin

Reason 6: Gear damage measures: sent to professional factory for repair

Reason 7: Outage measures due to malfunction: reset key, troubleshooting and restart

Reason 8: Overload Operation Measures: Load Reduction

Reason 9: Screw head stuck by melt adhesive measures: shutdown cleaning melt adhesive

Reason 10: Thermal relay without reset: Press reset key

Fault 6: Abnormal Fever of Electric Machine

Reason 1: Overload Operation Measures: Load Reduction

Reason 2: Measure of too high or too low voltage: Check whether the power supply voltage is normal or not

Reason 3: Too many times of start-up and stop: Reduce the frequency of use

Reason 4: Bearing wear measures: repair or replacement

Failure 7: finished melt glue

Reason 1: Low pressure plate measures: reduce oil pump, relax pressure plate

Reason 2: Measures for excessive idling time: shutdown without material

Reason 3: Measures for excessive impurities in raw materials: separation of impurities

Reason 4: Friction measures between screw head and cylinder wall: grinding screw blade, damage of thrust bearing, replacement of thrust bearing

Reason 5: Residual temperature melt measure: Turn the screw back for a few seconds before shutdown

Failure 8: insufficient density of finished products

Reasons: Pump pressure is too low measures: regulating pressure. (25-30 kg/cm)

Reasons: Pressure plate closure measures: oil pump does not move or current detector action current adjustment is too low

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