XPS Compactor

Screw compression technology: screw compression system, without any heating device, will not cause secondary environmental pollution.

Product Details

Small EPS foam compactor -CP150

Product type:

Foam compactor /EPS foam compactor / small EPS foam compactor -CP150

Production characteristics:

1. Screw compression technology: screw compression system, without any heating device, will not cause secondary environmental pollution.

2. Low energy consumption and high efficiency.

3. Speed control device to prevent melting.

4. Water-containing fish boxes can be treated.

5. No exhaust gas, health and environmental protection.

Product uses:

EPS Foamed Polystyrene, EPS Dinner Box

XPS Compactor Product applications:

The small EPS foam compactor kneads foam plastics according to the pressure principle of screw rotation, and carries out cold compression compression mechanical environmental protection equipment. When used, the operator just throws the foam into the hopper, the equipment is torn and broken, and the foam is broken by screw extrusion. After the screw mechanism is processed, the square foam compressing block is formed.

Foam compactor /EPS foam compactor / small EPS foam compactor -CP150

CP150 foam compactor according to the principle of pressure generated by screw rotation, effectively extruding EPS waste foam plastic, without heating, cold compression, energy saving and environmental protection; workers can directly put foam material or conveyor belt into the equipment hopper, the equipment will tear, crush, squeeze, and then produce the square foam compression block through the shaping slot, 30 times compression ratio, effectively reduce the foam volume, increase the volume of the foam. The degree of encryption is conducive to foam recycling.

EPS compressor machine is suitable for foam recovery enterprises, electronics factories, packaging materials factories, logistics storage and transportation companies, waste recycling stations, plastics recycling enterprises, and urban communities. Small size, high efficiency, low energy consumption, saving time and energy saving, easy operation, automatic crushing of EPS foam and compression treatment; according to the actual situation, the size of the feeding port can be selected; the physical properties of the waste are not changed, which is conducive to further regeneration and utilization; the foam blocks after the foam can cut off the size and stacking on their own; spiral cold compression and no odor production. Environmental protection and reliability; fine workmanship, reasonable price, high return on investment.




XPS Compactor Technical Parameters:





Screw Diameter


Input Size


Screw rotation speed


Crusher blade


Crusher rotation speed


Main motor


Crusher motor

2.2 kw

Production size







Foam compressor block. Double reduction of foam volume and increase of density will facilitate the recovery and utilization of foam. The advantages of foam briquetting machine are non-toxic and odourless. Green environmental protection. The cold pressed EPS briquetting machine directly extruded EPS foam, fridge liner and PU foam cotton without heating. Compression ratio is large, and large capacity can be reduced by 50 times. The volume of foamed cotton is reduced by 8 times. It saves storage space, saves transportation and storage costs, and makes EPS materials easy to recycle and reuse. Large-scale machine can operate synchronously with conveyor belt to improve production efficiency.

The waste foam machine can be used to treat EPS foam, such as waste fast food boxes, household appliances packaging, and so on, and turn them into regenerated PS particles. Recycled plastics can be used to make stationery toys and electrical shells. The waste foam machine production line is mainly composed of a crusher main engine and an automatic traction granulator. There are many working characteristics of the foam pellet machine. The main auxiliary cylinder is made of 35CRMOAL, and the conical screw cylinder is adopted. The feed speed is fast and the output is high. There are two heating rings on the upper and lower screws of the foam granulator, each of which has a switch, which can be opened and closed according to the temperature needed for processing. When the foam granulation machine works, the upper and lower cylinder is heated for 20-40 minutes, and the material barrel is heated to the working temperature (180 degrees or so).

This machine not only has small power, no pollution, low noise, but also can be transported to any place at will for use. It is suitable for recycling stations, large shopping malls, logistics companies, individual granulators, EPS production plants. The machine features reasonable structure, accurate movement, stable performance, flexible operation, convenient maintenance and reliable operation. It greatly saves manpower and material resources, reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency. It brings considerable economic benefits to the transportation and storage industry of customers.

Generally used are very clean waste foam, such as foam factory waste products such as scrap, has not yet been used in the community, and some imported materials, processing is also used above mesh, its finished products without impurities.

In the society, the waste foam coming back from purchase is also known as the social material. Such raw materials generally pass through the following filters or nets in processing, and the PS particles produced are brown. This grade regenerated material is also a large volume of market because such raw materials are easy to acquire. The foam cold press has low working noise, fast lifting speed, stable pressure and low maintenance rate. Ordinary processing plants are usually equipped with multiple foam cold presses for recycling.

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