Compact Waste XPS Hot Melting Machine

The EPS foam hot melt densifier is capable of processing 20kgs to 300 KG of loose foam per hour. This capacity depends on the foam type, density and the type of foam densifier machine you use for processing.

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Compact Waste XPS Hot Melting Machine

Heat melt foam densifiers are a series of machines that crush the compact loose foam products to make them dense blocks. These are hand-fed machines that process the foam in house, through shredding. They add heat to densify and extrude the foam, resulting in densified purged logs. You can use advanced hot melt foam densifier machines at LIANGUAN Recycling to densify expanded polystyrene foam or EPS. Besides, these are equally helpful in recycling expanded polyethylene(EPE) and expanded polypropylene(EPP) foams.

The EPS foam hot melt densifier is capable of processing 20kgs to 300 KG of loose foam per hour. This capacity depends on the foam type, density and the type of foam densifier machine you use for processing. The volume to reduction ratio for all the Heat-melt Foam Densifiers is near about 50 to 1. We provide different variations of these foam densifiers.

Based on standard industrial design, we ensure sellable recyclable product with the help of advanced Heat-melt Foam Densifiers. All of them adhere to the environmental and health safety norms and we put them for sale on after carrying out rigorous air quality testing.

We are the one-stop destination for complete waste recycling solutions. Furthermore, our industry best hot melt foam densifiers are next to none owing to the durability, superior mechanism and reduced cost recycling and waste management that these machines ensure.

Model: Foam melting machine CF-HM

Capacity: 50-200 kg/h

Compression ratio: 90:1

Processing objects: EPS foamed polystyrene, EPS lunch box, EPS dust, XPS insulation board, EPE foamed polyethylene, EPP foamed polypropylene

The CF-HM series of environmental friendly foam melting machine is widely used in the foam packaging industry, fishery, food processing and packaging of vegetables and fruit products, and further compresses the foam into 90 parts of the original volume. The compression ratio reaches 90:1, saves transportation and storage costs. It is the foam that is crushed by the waste foam crusher. After plasticizing by screw heating system, hot melt extrudes into tucks, which facilitates transportation and sales of high quality recycled granulating raw materials.


1. Forklift transport machinery is required, and its load is not less than 2.5 tons.

2. When moving a machine, care should be taken to protect the packaging of the machine from damage.

3. In the process of transportation, do not let the machine have violent impact, while away from water and other corrosive liquids.


1. Do not make the machine work at an altitude of more than 1000 meters.

2. The ambient temperature of rectifier transformer should be - 10 ~40 ~40 ~℃. The ambient temperature should not exceed +40 ~℃ and should not be lower than the condensation point temperature for normal operation.

3. Maximum relative air humidity is 90% (air temperature 20 + 5 ℃).

Maintenance methods and attention of hot melting machine

The heating plate on the hot melting machine is composed of two parts, the top and the bottom, and then the plastics which need heating are processed by the electric heat pipe. However, the hot melt machine is easy to break down after a long time. Let's talk about the maintenance methods of the hot melt machine.

1. Moulds, fixtures and industrial crops are often kept clean.

2. Check whether the power cord is loose regularly.

3. Regular cleaning of air filters should use detergent or water instead of fluxes.

4. Regular mechanical scrubbing test. Do not place fluid on the control box.

5. The lifting groove and screw are regularly greased and kept clean.

6. When not in use for a long time, please oil the machine and clean its appearance.

7. Dust is often cleaned in the head cover to keep the motor and clutch clean.

Notes for Hot Melting Machine:

1. Shut down the machine before the maintenance work, and do a good job of safety identification, if necessary, disconnect the power supply.

2. Attention should be paid to safety when testing the machine.

3. Wear protective equipment before maintenance.

4. Read the instructions for the use of relevant equipment and other materials before the maintenance operation.

5. Waste from maintenance operations should be classified and treated according to requirements.

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