Waste EPE,EPP,PET Foam Melting Compacting Machine

The use of two axis crushing knives in epe,epp,pet foam melting compacting machine can effectively break the foamed polystyrene,polypropylene material into smaller pieces and enter the screen.

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Waste EPE,EPP,PET FOAM Melting Compacting Machine


I. The use of Waste foam Compacting Hot Melter:

in recent years, waste plastics recycling, foam plastics in the packaging industry wide, large volume, difficult to transport, led to the rapid development of waste plastics recycling machinery, with the continuous adoption of new technologies, Hot melting machine for recycling EPS and production efficiency has been generally improved rapidly. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, space saving, easy transportation to complete products, environmental protection, pollution-free and smoke-free operation to avoid secondary pollution. Complete waste resource regeneration, create benefits.

II. Waste foam Compacting Hot Melter Working Principle

The use of two axis crushing knives in EPE,EPP,PET FOAM MELTING COMPACTING MACHINERY can effectively break the foamed polystyrene,polypropylene material into smaller pieces and enter the screen. Material can not be further broken into the screen mesh, fall into the screen mesh, and then enter the main machine through screw high-speed rotation, the crushed material will be conveyed to the conical cylinder and the circular cylinder, heated by heating plate, and then the melted material will continue to be conveyed to the moulding square die. Material begins to cool down, and the square object is extruded from the die. According to the required length, it will be automatically cut off by the cutting machine and finished.

III. Waste EPE,EPP,PET Compacting Hot Melter Technical Parameters:



Feeding Size


Screw diameter


Screw Length


Screw Speed


Extrusion center height


Heating power


Main motor power


Crusher Motor


Screen Size


Blade rotation diameter


Blades quantity


Blades rotation speed






Maintenance methods and attention of hot melting machine

The heating plate on the hot melting machine is composed of two parts, the top and the bottom, and then the waste plastics which need heating are processed by the electric heat plate. However, the hot melt machine is easy to break down after a long time. Let's talk about the maintenance methods of the hot melt machine.

1. Moulds, fixtures and industrial crops are often kept clean.

2. Check whether the power cord is loose regularly.

3. Regular cleaning of air filters should use detergent or water instead of fluxes.

4. Regular mechanical scrubbing test. Do not place fluid on the control box.

5. The lifting groove and screw are regularly greased and kept clean.

6. When not in use for a long time, please oil the machine and clean its appearance.

7. Dust is often cleaned in the head cover to keep the motor and clutch clean.

Notes for Hot Melting Machine:

1. Shut down the machine before the maintenance work, and do a good job of safety identification, if necessary, disconnect the power supply.

2. Attention should be paid to safety when testing the machine.

3. Wear protective equipment before maintenance.

4. Read the instructions for the use of relevant equipment and other materials before the maintenance operation.

5. Waste from maintenance operations should be classified and treated according to requirements.

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