XPS Hot Melting Recycling Machine

The eps’s wide use in the packaging industry, but it is bulky and difficult to transport. With the tenet of reducing the pollution caused by waste plastic and improving human being’s living environments

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XPS Hot Melting Recycling Machine

In recent years, recycling of waste plastic regeneration in the ascendant. The eps's wide use in the packaging industry, but it is bulky and difficult to transport. With the tenet of reducing the pollution caused by waste plastic and improving human being's living environments, with the difficulties of no domestic standard and reference data and focusing on the diversity and specialty of waste plastics, Our company developed the new style Waste EPS recycling hot melter successfully and formed her own feature in the field of waste eps recycling, after numerous and continuous tests and researches. In order to avoid the secondary pollution to the water and environments made by the recycling machines, we organized research personnel again to solve this technical problem and realized the upgrade of the waste plastic recycling machines with the guiding ideology of reducing secondary pollution. The Waste EPS compacting hot melter is high-performance, space saving, easy to transport the finished produce. The operation is pollution-free, can protect the environment, and avoid the secondary pollution.

Complete reuse the waste plastic and create interest.


XPS Hot Melting Recycling Machine Technical Parameters:

Feeding Size650mmx400mm
Screw DiameterΦ138mm
Screw Length1090mm
Screw Speed165rpm
Extrusion Center Hight250mm
Heating PowerTwo Zones,3kw
Main Motor Power7.5kw
Screen Size40mm
Blade Rotation Diameter250mm
Blades Quatity9 Sets
Blades Rotation Speed150rpm
Machine Size1200x1200x1800
Machine Weight800kg
Machine Capacity50kg/H
Configuration ItemStandard Configuration
Motor(East Asia)
Electricity ElementsAll The Elements Use SIEMENS

Daily Maintenance of Hot Melting Machine

Hot Melting Machine Technology

1. When operating a hot-melt machine, do not place other debris on the body or use it as a pad.

2. When lifting or lifting the hot melt machine, only its base is allowed to be used as the point of lifting force. The electric box door of the hot melt machine, the electrical components on the control panel or the joints on the insulating pipe must not be used as auxiliary to lift the hot melt machine. Abnormal handling will damage the equipment of the hot melt machine.

Do not disassemble, inspect and adjust any parts on the hot melting machine unless you have a good understanding of the performance of the equipment. At the same time, remember that only qualified personnel can repair and maintain the hot melting machine. When maintaining and repairing the hot melting machine, the following main safety precautions should be taken:

1. The power supply must be cut off before removing or removing the protective device on the hot melter or replacing the components.

2. When loosening or installing pressure joints, it must be determined that the pressure to provide pressure gas source for hot melting machine has been reduced to zero.

3. In any case, do not touch wiring connectors or other components that may be exposed to the outside world without loosening.

4. When cleaning the hot melting machine, avoid using hard tools with fireworks or sharp edges to avoid scratching the inside of the barrel.

5. Before maintaining and repairing the hot melting machine, the power supply on the hot melting machine and the total power supply connecting with the outside must be cut off, and no live operation is allowed.

6. In disassembly and maintenance work, workers should not wear earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and other electrically conductive decorations to prevent accidents.

7. If possible, try to stand on the plastic blanket for maintenance. Never maintain the hot melting machine in a flooded floor or very humid environment.

8. Safety gloves, goggles and long-sleeved work clothes must be worn during maintenance and maintenance of the hot melting machine to avoid scalding of body parts by high temperature liquid hot melt or burning of surface of high temperature components.

9. If air pressure or hot melt leakage occurs, do not continue to operate the hot melt machine. First stop the hot melt machine, cut off the power supply, and reduce the operating pressure to zero before repair.

10. Do not disassemble, assemble and repair hot-melt equipment alone unless there is assistance from other personnel and help or first aid can be given immediately in case of accident, mechanical damage or injury to personnel.

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